FLY Kid's Challenge

Today we are going to go into our rooms and pick one drawer in our dressers to go through. You will need three bags (such as grocery sacks) Go to the dresser, open a drawer and starting at the top look at each piece of clothing in that drawer. Does it still fit? Does it have stains or holes? Do you like it? Will you wear it? You need to hold it up checking for stains and holes first. If no holes or stained, then look at it to see if you like it. If you do not like the item, then most likely you will not wear it. If it passes both of those inspections, then try it on.

Anything that you have that is too small, needs to go in a bag to give away. Anything you have that is stained or has holes in it goes in the other bag these need to be thrown away or recycled for something else. Anything that you do not like needs to go into the last bag. This is a bag that you need to sit down and look at with Mom or Dad. There may be some items that you need to have because of certain events that you need to wear them to. Give the bags to Mom or Dad.

Only do one drawer!! Do not pull out more than you can handle. Some of you may need Mom or Dad to help with this challenge. That is ok - let them help you. That is how you will learn so that the next time you can do it by yourself! You can do another drawer only when you have completely finished the first one you started.

When you have less clothes in the drawers that you do not love or wear it is easier to put away the clean clothes when the laundry is finished. Sometimes our drawers get so full that we can't fit another thing in them! This means we have to spend time trying to shove our clothes in them to put them away.

Remember what I always say - Less to clean and put away means more time to play!

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