Today's Holiday Cruising Mission

Mission #12: Planning Menus and Having Fun...

Dear Friends,

Today is Plan and Play day! This means we are going to do some Holiday Planning and then we are going to take some time out to PLAY! Grab your Holiday Planner and get ready to jot down some things. Last week on Plan and Play day I had you establish what your plans for the Holidays were: Where you were going to spend the Holidays, who with etc. Now that you have done this it is time to establish some menus. If you are traveling then you need to think about what you would like to bring with you to contribute if necessary. If you are hosting a Holiday dinner you need to establish what your menu will be and start a shopping list. You also need to think about if you are having guests in your home for meals other than a main Holiday meal, what will you serve, and again, establish a menu and shopping list. Don't forget to think of all meals not just dinners. Breakfasts and lunches need to be written down and thought about. In the United States, Thanksgiving is coming and you need to include that in your Holiday planning as well. You need to be creative and adapt our Holiday Planning Missions to whatever Holidays you will be celebrating.

For today, jot down a simple meal plan and a simple grocery list. You can add to this as we go but establish something to work with and for when you go shopping you can start working off of the grocery list to being some of the non-perishable food items home and stock up.

Don't forget to take a bit of time just for yourself today to go and PLAY! Even if you just take a 5 minute walk to look at the leaves changing colors, take time out today just for you!

Have fun!

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