Today's Holiday Cruising Mission

Mission #15: Reviewing the holiday budget...

Dear Friends,

Today is desk day and your mission for today is to review your budget for the holidays and look to see how and when you can take care of the shopping that you will need to do. Not just presents, you need to take into account meals, postage, cards, wrapping supplies, decorations etc. Budget; Don't Begrudge it!

Be careful and thoughtful, you do not want to rack up huge credit card bills that you will be paying until spring for the holidays. Try to fit your budget around what you can afford to pay for. If this means a little less than what you would like, try to remember how great it will feel not to be overwhelmed in January when the mail comes. Set limits and try to work within them. Don't look to buy presents that will impress, look to give gifts that will be loved. Be creative. Talk to your friends and family and see if they would like a challenge for this year. Talk about theme gifts such as an ornament or t-shirt exchange with a price limit. Look for fun and creative ways to express your love without busting your budget.

Don't look at budget planning as a chore and as something that is depressing. Look at it as a challenge that you know you can handle! Take pride in the fact that you are planning this year in a way that you never have! You are FLYing!

Have fun!

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