Final Close-Out! Today is the Last Day

Today is the Last Day
This is our final countdown. We have to get the warehouse cleaned out! You have only TODAY to get the last of our  12 oz Water Bottles. They are $10.00.
 Get them now because on October 11, 2015 they will be out of the warehouse.
Get them while supplies last! If you have not gotten your calendar yet; take care of that too.
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I Can’t Imagine My Life Without It

Dear FlyLady,

This is our 3rd year with the FlyLady calendar.

I can’t imagine life without it.

My DH has even been putting things on it. He takes his Mother to her doctor appointments and puts them on our calendar. When she calls in a panic because she thinks she has missed one, I calmly look at the calendar and tell her when her next one is. She won’t use a calendar but using ours for her has made for less stress for me.

Thanks for all you do,
Karen in Convoy

FlyLady here: Maybe as part of your afternoon or before bed routine; you could check your calendar and give your sweet Mother-in-law a call to tell her when her next appointment is scheduled.

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Papers Are Mounting

Dear FlyLady,

I have been checking your website for years and trying to adapt your system to my life. I am a stay at home mother of six–age 14 to 3.  This year, I finally decided to sign up for the e-mails and start wearing my shoes! I always resisted that one, but now I no longer have rough feet!! Thank you.

The reason I am writing is because I ordered some tools from you for the first time. The two items I felt would be useful were the feather duster and a rubba scrubba.

I received my package in Monday’s mail and was excited to try out my new tools. I had already done my Weekly Home Blessing. For dusters, I had used an attachment to my Eureka Capture + vacuum and a Swifter. The vacuum attachment works great for cobwebs and to dust the ceiling fan but didn’t work well for shelves and dusting around decorative items. The Swifters always seem to catch and leave behind fuzz.

The feather duster is wonderful. I owned one before, but it was not nearly as fluffy as yours. I was able to dust around everything, even a glass plate that I keep on my dresser and set my everyday jewelry on–It didn’t disturb a single piece!

Then I opened my rubba scrubba. I purchased two–one for dirty jobs and another for maybe food. I read how the one woman used hers to clean her carrots. We grow a big garden in the summer. I had a specific job in mind for this tool. I was glad we were in the kitchen zone. I bought it to clean the gasket area around my built in dishwasher. There was a lot of build up and I was worried about scrubbing it with something too sharp or rough and ruining the rubber gasket. Well, the rubber on rubber was really safe and did a great job! When I was finished, I used it to scrub out my kitchen trash cans–the mission for the day! Thank you so much!

My eight year old son, added the FlyLady sticker that came with my order to his collection of stickers on his take home folder from school. I wonder if he will get any comments on it?! The kids tease me about the FlyLady, but it is working. My younger kids loved watching your “Cruising through the Holidays” videos with me. We would love more videos like that.

My biggest challenge is paper clutter. With six kids (five are in school), a lot of papers come into the house everyday. Plus, there are my husbands papers. I have a hard time figuring out whether something needs to be saved or not. I also like to save ideas, recipes, etc. I’m good about cutting them out of magazines and such, but I haven’t come up with the best idea to organize them–file folders? a binder?

Thank you for your website. My mom passed away 12 years ago, she was a wonderful housekeeper. You have been my source for advice on keeping my house in order. I now have two rooms in my house that are always clean–the dining room and our bedroom. I know my house will never be perfect and that is ok. As my mom used to say, “We live in our house.”


South Bend, Indiana

FlyLady here: Papers are a mounting problem for all FlyBabies. We mound them up and the piles fall over.

I have an idea for the stuff you cut out of the magazines. Get a three ring binder and fill it full of sheet protectors. You can have a binder for recipes and one for other things. I did one of these once for my garden ideas. It was my wish book. Don’t get all carried away with putting everything in the sheet protectors perfectly. Just slide it in and go on to the next thing.

Here is the key to making this work. When you see an article you like and want to keep; tear it out right then and slide it in the sheet protector. “Do it now” saves hours looking for the article in your magazine stash.

Children’s papers are a piece of cake!

Get a bundle of 9 X 12 envelopes for mailing papers. Collect the papers each week from each child in a folder. On Saturday have each child pick out their favorite work for the week. Put that on the refrigerator/bulletin board or on the wall in the laundry room. This can be your wall of fame! Then teach the children to address the envelope to their grandparents or aunts and uncles. Poof! The papers are gone! Your family loves to see what the children are doing and the kids learn how to let go of stuff. You also have only 52 papers for each child instead of several thousand for their scrapbooks. You can start those with sheet protectors too.

You can put their favorite papers in their scrapbook or an Office in a Bag!

Some of our members like to do a quick Weekly Home Blessing before they head out on Family Fun Day. Their FlyLady duster and Rubba Tools make the job quick and easy.

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Lettuce Bee Silly

Your children will love Lettuce Bee Silly with its colorful illustrations and silly poetry. We were able to slash the cost of printing and forward that savings on to you. AND still print in the USA!



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Weekends are for Fun!

Dear Friends,

Weekends! Yippee or do you dread them. For  years we have thought that the weekends were the only time we had to  clean and do laundry. As children we were forced into mandatory service to get our rooms clean and the house presentable after a whole week of neglecting it. What a waste to a fun time to spend with your family.

Routines will protect you from the all day Saturday forced cleaning session that we had to do as children and that we have forced our own babies to do. I know you don’t believe me, but if you will do your morning and evening routines and a simple home blessing hour, you will never have to waste a Saturday cleaning again.

As you slowly declutter your home you will find that it is much easier to keep your home in order. Let’s face it, with less STUFF (Something That Undermines Family Fun) we can spend more quality time with our families. Do you want your children to have memories of a fussy screaming mother or father or a pleasant day with picnic or hike in the forest?

There are lots of events that don’t cost money to visit: Go to a park, state forest, national park, a lake, or stream. Go fishing or just a walk. Bake cookies or have a picnic in your back yard. Set up a tent in the back yard and pretend to go camping. Have a cookout!  You can get creative.

Let’s take back our weekends for fun! You know you are FLYing when you have time for celebration each weekend, because there is no housework keeping you guilt ridden and chained to your home.

Are you ready to FLY with the anticipation of a weekend filled with fun?


What are your weekend plans for the next few weeks? Get them on the calendar!

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FlyLady System Modified For Me

Keep Calm and FLYHello FlyLady,

I believe I am finally FLYing. I have been reading many testimonials and modified some BabySteps and routines to work for my wonderful schedule.

In August my work schedule changed from 5 eight-hour-shifts to 4 ten-hour shifts. It has been a bumpy road to adjust, but I’m getting there. Since I am at home on Fridays and my DH is working, it gives me a day alone at home.

On my Fridays off, I always have a list of things that need to be done. I work all day and finish as many tasks as I can. What I can’t get done has to wait until next Friday.

When I was working 5 eight-hour-shifts, I was able to do a load of laundry a day. Since the 4 ten-hour-shifts, it has been challenging to do a load of laundry a day. It is only the two of us so there really is not that much laundry build up.

So on Fridays, I start my laundry and set my timer for 15 minutes at a time and work on something and then when the timer goes off, I restart my laundry and start something else. If I am not done with current project, I do another 15 minutes. Using the timer, I am not stuck on one project all day and get nothing else done.

There are times I think I should be doing something or getting something done and then I realize it is done and taken care of.

The evening/before bed routine has made the wonderful of difference. I only have a couple of things on my list to do but it makes the world of difference for the week.

My Mother is the one who told me about you a few years back. I have been on and off over the period of time. The last 6 months roughly I have been continuing to try to take flight and FLY….. Especially during the last couple of months I have been really FLYing. When Mother visits, she always mentions how nice my house looks.

Plus, you really need to hear this one. I put several of your FLY items on my wish list. Mother got me the Rags in the Bag and got a set for herself. She used them on her windows and could not believe how wonderfully the rag did its job and how nice her windows looked. She really enjoys sitting and watching the birds at the feeder. Now she has a clear view.

Thank you FlyLady and Crew for providing wonderful items to assist us in blessing our home and lives. There are not enough words to express what you have done for my life and home.

If I could reach, I would be giving you and all of your crew a huge hug and a big thank you. I have been fighting depression over the last year and you have helped me work through this and continue to bless myself and my family. {purple puddles} My Mother and Father-in-law depend on me and my DH for so many things.

Thank you! Thank you for your assistance to finally FLY!

FlyBaby in Ohio


FlyLady here: It is my great joy to be able to help you!

It is so important that you take the FlyLady system and adapt it to fit your life and your schedule. Instead of thinking why it doesn’t work for like this FlyBaby and adapt it to your needs.

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The Book Did Not Disappoint

  Dear FlyLady,
I’m a voracious reader, and when I learned that FlyLady’s husband wrote a book, I, of course, wanted to read it.  It did not disappoint.  There were so many threads, and so many characters, but they all came together, with no loose ends.  I galloped through the book in three days, although I thought it would take longer.  I was completely enthralled, and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.A funny thing happened when I was near the end.  It must have really soaked into my mind, because I had the most vivid dream.  I dreamed that it had been made into a movie, and I went to the movie theater to see it.  FlyLady was there, so I sat next to her, and we watched the movie together.  LOL  It really would make a great movie!I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I hope that Robert Cilley writes more.

Mary Lou in Ohio

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15 Minutes with the Dryer Lint Kit

Dear FlyLady,

I have been an on again off again FlyBaby for 6 years, I have a control journal but don’t use it like I should. For the most part our home is fairly clutter free with the exception of two rooms which I keep hidden from others! Those are my projects I intend to work on.

I wanted to write you because I enjoy the daily emails, the testimonials from others and the encouragement you provide to me, these are especially helpful to me as I am a PAYROLL SHE.

I absolutely love the menu planning and for the most part I do try and plan at least somewhat of a menu each month, sometimes I revert from it but it does keep me on track for grocery shopping.

The reason I am writing you today is because I love the idea of setting a 15 minute time slot and getting something done.

Last night I was looking at my laundry room and thought to myself, I can surely clean this room in 15 minutes. I had purchased the dryer vent kit several months ago and have used it once before but this time I moved the dryer away from the wall removed the hose off of the back of the dryer and vacuumed everything. I swept the floor and moved somethings around in the room. When I went to check on my time I still had 7 minutes to spare!

So I thought to myself, hey if the Dryer vent cleaning kit can work on the dryer why not under the refrigerator. So I started on the fridge, when I made my first swipe and came out with a lot of dust and hair I thought oh my, this calls for pulling the refrigerator away from the wall.

To my surprise it was a total mess, we have an Alaskan Malamute and we
could have made a small dog with all his hair under there! I unplugged the refrigerator and went to work, scrubbed the floor and got everything nice and clean. In the end the project took me more than 15 minutes but I was able to get a lot done.

Thanks for all you do and the blessing you are to us all.

Kristi, FlyBaby in Indiana

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October Habit #11 Help Her Deal

Dear FlyLady,

I just read one email begging for something to help her deal with all the paper. While I agree with your plan to only handle the paper once, I don’t think it gave her the help she needed. Unfortunately, there are papers that require more.

Being a small business owner, I know a thing or two about filing (as you do also, I’m sure). I have client files, and files for owner’s manuals, personal business files -like house repair, taxes, purchases, etc.; and then there are the bookkeeping files. Although we scan and shred lots of closed files, and try to make needed documents available electronically, I have decided not to pursue a total paper-less workplace. (I’ll never completely trust something that won’t work without electricity and/or internet.)

But somewhere, and it may have been on your website, I learned of the Freedom Filer system. After years of struggling with filing, this system gave me the structure to keep up with papers in the proper place, and deal with the end of year/tax rotation. My secretary likes it. We can find most any paper in less than two minutes. I highly recommend it. And no, I’m not profiting from my recommendation. It is unique, and flexible for varying situations.

FlyBaby Lisa

Dear Flylady,

We recently returned from a 3 week car tour of the desert southwest.   We brought your water bottles and another type of “insulated” bottle.  We were very pleasantly surprised that after hours in a hot car, the ice water in your metal bottles was still frosty and refreshing.   The other bottled water was warm.  So glad we brought yours with us on this trip!  Thank you.

FlyBaby Paula

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I Need a Paper Clutter Sorter

Dear FlyLady,
Help!  I’m surrounded by paper clutter.  My home office is the size of a closet and it’s the place where papers go to die.I work from home and am blessed to have an office with a door that closes, even if it is tiny.  However, everyone in the family gives me papers to hold on to.  There isn’t a horizontal surface that isn’t overflowing and avalanches are a common occurrence.

Have you ever thought of offering a paper clutter tool similar to your decluttering bags?  I have no idea how to sort through all this and, even if I did, have no room.  In the past, I’ve used the dining room table for sorting but that never works because I end up with piles that have to be cleared for dinner and I don’t know what to do with the piles I’ve made so they end up in a box and back in the office.

Cindy in VA, wishing for a paper clutter sorting tool for Christmas or sooner!

Dear Cindy,

Our offices become the happy dumping ground! It does not matter what size they are! You don’t need a special sorter to deal with the papers! STOP SORTING and MAKING MORE PILES!

You need a motto! Click the image to download one for you.

This motto helps you to curb your
urge to procrastinate! It is procrastination that causes the piles. Our motto of Only Handle It Once works because it is the Do It Now Principle in action.

Here are the steps you take to get control of your paper clutter as it comes into your home before you can pile it up. We will deal with the piles later. For now you have to stop making more piles. This means you have to process the paper. Set your timer for 2 Minutes. Two minutes will eliminate piles.

1. When you find a piece of paper in your hand do not put it down until you process it. Open envelops and discard the trash immediately.

2. What is it? A bill, an appointment, trash. Keep in mind that the best sorter is your trash can or recycle bin.

3. If it is a bill you have some choices to make; Pay it now, Process it to pay when it is due, put it on your calendar to remind you to pay it in a timely fashion, and put it in your Office in a Bag. This is a place to keep your unpaided bills.

4. If it is a paper to be signed; sign it and put it in your child’s backpack, in an envelope to be mailed to who needs it.

5. If it is trash! Throw it away! Recycle it! Shred it! Or put it in a burn bag to be used as kindling in your fire pit.

This same process works for those piles you have in your office. All you have to do is process them a handful at a time; 6 inches at a time. Most of it will be trash! The trash can is the best filing cabinet! Those piles are mainly trash that you have not processed!

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