Reaping The Benefits of Flying


I just recently started FLYing. I admit I have times where doing everything is impossible, but it seems like I always have time for the swish and swipe and to shine my sink!

These two simple things being done help keep me sane and not feeling guilty about not having time to do it all!

Yesterday I first received the benefit of my progress following your program!  I had a unexpected guest drop in and my home was clean!! She walked in and said… “Your house smells good!” I felt like I was more welcoming and more available mentally to visit with her instead of my mind and eyes bouncing from pile of clutter to pile of clutter!!

Thanks for all you do and all you’ve given!  It has been a blessing to me, my house, and my life!  I cannot wait to see where I am a year from now!!

1 mo old FlyBaby,

P.S.  The feather duster is truly amazing!! I believe my furniture looks cleaner and shinier than when I just used a rag…  It was also fun to go outside and bless the world!!!!


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I Just Missed It

Dear FlyLady,

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with dusting! The feather duster is wonderful and I’ve had one of yours for years. In fact I purchased another one so I wouldn’t have an excuse for not dusting  because I was either in the basement or upstairs.

One of the ladies said something in their testimonial about using it every day. I know you probably have that in your basic instructions and I just missed it. It all makes more sense now. I did get on a chair and take down some cobwebs. The cobwebs stuck to the wall in a strip. I was using the feather duster, but it wasn’t made for that.

I remembered a gadget the hubs bought and never uses that has a soft brush and is supposed to clean off fan blades. Of course I thought it was just in the way. It looks like a big ole toilet brush but the bristles are way soft. It grabbed the web without messing with my popcorn ceiling. I think something like this would be a great product for you. I know you’d make improvements to it and all.

I want you to know that you have made a big difference in my life. Thank you all for your hard work.

FlyBaby Elaine


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What Is A Hot Spot?

Hot SpotDear Friends,

I want you to declare one area of your home a CLUTTER FREE ZONE. This morning I got a message asking what was a HOT SPOT?

Here was my answer:


Hot spot is an area of your home that collects clutter. Mine is my dining table and coffee table. If you put one piece of paper on this table and it begins to multiply, you have a hot spot.


This was her wonderful answer and I have to let you all read it for yourself:

Thank you for your reply. Yes, my table is a hot spot also. The window seat next to it used to be a horrendous hot spot until I declared it a “clutter free zone” 2 years ago, and it has remained that way since…talk about ‘reclaiming the land’! LOL


We all need at least one CLUTTER FREE ZONE!

Where is yours????


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FlyLady’s Calendar Tips

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.48.27 PMDear Friends,

I have been brainstorming on how to help you enjoy using your calendar. I have put together a list of 11 Tips to make your calendar work for you!

1. Color Code your calendar. Use a high lighter for each member of your family, a dot or some color to help you recognize who has something when you look across the room at your calendar.

2. Use blank address labels to cover up mistakes or changes in your calendar.

3. Don’t procrastinate about putting appointment on your calendar. Do it now! You’re your calendar working for you! This way you don’t have to try to remember everything.

4. Look ahead so that you can plan for special events or doctor’s appointments. Do you need to fast, how about that suit that needs cleaned or a new dress for the wedding?

5. Check the family calendar morning, afternoon and evening. This habit is the Shiny Sink of your brain.

6. Put your calendar in a place that is in front of the family. After all out of sight is out of mind for us.

7. Allow your family to help you use the calendar. This is teaching them the calendar habit. Using a calendar as a tool is giving your children wings.

8. Each week have a family meeting to synchronize your schedules and put them on the family calendar. This is about communicating with each other and having all the information in one place.

9. When you walk in your door, THINK! Do we have something to post on the calendar? Put up a note to remind you. Having that PTA or church bulletin in your purse, the sports schedule in the backpack or that invitation in back of the calendar is not going to get it posted to your family calendar. This habit will keep things from slipping up on you! Don’t wait to do it later. Later will be that frantic phone call!

10. Make it your family calendar fun! Use sticker, stars and smiley faces to decorate as well as celebrate accomplishments.

11. Use your calendar to chart your family’s milestones. Your calendar will become your family history! Yes you can save your calendars. They will help you to scrapbook.

These 11 tips will help you to use your calendar instead of just buying it and allowing yet another calendar to become clutter in your home. Our calendar is big enough to hold your family’s appointments.

Are you ready to FLY with a calendar that helps you stay on your flight path?



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No Sweat

Dear FlyLady,

I got my order from you this week and the water bottles are AMAZING. I just placed another order for three more for my kids.

I work as a merchandising rep and drive between grocery and drug stores all day. With every other bottle I’ve purchased I’ve filled it with ice cubes and added cold water from my refrigerator. Always the water was lukewarm within two to three hours.

The last two days I did the same thing with your water bottle. The first day I worked twelve hours and there were still ice cubes in the bottle at the end of the day, even though I kept refilling the bottle with more water. Today I worked eight hours and then went to parent teacher conferences at my kids’ school.

My kids grabbed my bottle a couple of times and exclaimed “the water is still cold and there is still ice in it!” I’ve discovered that I need to put LESS ice in it so there is more room for water!

The fact that it doesn’t sweat cannot be emphasized enough.

I live in Oregon and there is a LOT of moisture in the air. My old water bottles would create puddles where ever they went. I would frequently get my paperwork wet.

My daughter complained that her school work would get wet in her backpack. The kids all begged me to get them each one of their own so they can have cold water all day at school without the problems from the water bottle sweating in their backpacks.

The individual carry straps will allow us each to color code our own bottle and tell them apart instantly.

Thank you for offering this wonderful product. Already it has improved my life.

FlyBaby in Oregon


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Children and the Holidays

Here we are again,  in the middle of another holiday season.  Some of us cruise through the holidays, and others succumb to the stress and the never-ending parade of events and obligations.  We’ve all been thinking about gifts, decorations, family visits, and holiday meals.  Let’s take a minute to think about our kids.

The holiday season can be dangerous for children, especially young children.  We decorate our homes with holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias – all of which can be poisonous to children.  We trim our trees with glass ornaments, tinsel, and lights – all of which can be hazardous to children.  We cook, serve, and re-serve holiday meals that may not have been adequately refrigerated between servings – and some children will get food poisoning.  We travel and visit with friends and family – and expose ourselves and our children to all sorts of germs.  Should this put a damper on your holiday activities?  NO!!  But be aware of potential hazards and plan ahead to avoid the obvious ones.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

My oldest son was a highly mobile, curious toddler during his second holiday season, and he was fascinated by the Christmas tree.  We ended up building a log fence around the tree!  We avoided candles, glass ornaments, tinsel, and poinsettias.  We hosted the holiday festivities rather than traveling.  It made the season more fun and less stressful for everyone in the family.

Holiday gift-giving is one of the most stressful parts of the season, and definitely the most expensive.  When families focus on traditions, fellowship, and the “reason for the season” rather than on gifts, everyone has a more enjoyable time!

What will your kids remember when they’re grown – the expensive ski boots or the family caroling expeditions?  Will they think about the bulging Christmas stocking or the Christmas Eve service at church?  Will they remember what they got, or what they gave?  Focus on gifts from the heart rather than gifts from the store.

Children love family activities in which they play a meaningful part.  If you’re hosting the holiday meal this year, let your kids help plan the menu, make the centerpiece, set the table, and help in the kitchen.  The house may not look perfect if the kids help decorate, but it will look warm and loving.  Family gift-giving is more fun when everyone has selected or made a small gift for everyone else in the family – even the little kids.

And speaking of gift-giving, most children want to remember their teachers with a gift during the holiday season.  Here’s a hint: Teachers don’t want knick-knacks, mugs, or another World’s Best Teacher plaque.  Teachers enjoy handmade cards, notes, and drawings.  They appreciate a small gift card.  They love it when parents donate a book to the school library in their honor.  Let your child select, wrap, and present the gift.  Teachers cherish the gifts that come straight from a child’s heart.

Many schools, churches, and communities participate in holiday charities like Angel Tree or Toys for Tots.  Charitable giving and volunteer work are wonderful ways to involve children in giving as well as receiving – an important life lesson.  Remember to be careful about protecting the identity and dignity of classmates who may be recipients of charitable holiday giving.

If you and your ex-spouse share children, the holiday season can be particularly difficult.  The kids have to come first!  So compromise, take turns, and keep agreements about gift-giving and schedules.  Your kids will not enjoy the holidays if they are part of a tug-of-war and a game of one-upmanship.  Take the high road – your children will remember and appreciate your efforts.

So don’t overdo and overspend, and don’t be a perfectionist.  Enjoy your family, make your own traditions, and let everyone in the family contribute to the celebration.  Focus on gifts from the heart – and that will be a gift to your whole family!
Copyright 2014 Alice Wellborn
All rights reserved


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Just One More Thing

Dear FlyLady,

I bought a new car a few days ago.  So excited!  A great car, but I am noticing already that its light color seems to show everything.  Bugs that landed on the hood, water marks from a slight shower, etc.  And a great big spot on the center of the hood left by a bird bombing from overhead.

A purple rag and some Windex took care of that little problem with a couple of wipes.  I am going to keep a little bottle of Windex and a rag handy in the car, for whatever happens.

Another thing: we bought a large lemon meringue pie.  We had eaten half of it. I was trying to put that pie into the fridge.  Well, the aluminum pan it was in was quite flimsy.  Of course, one side of the pan was heavier than the other side. I moved one hand off the pan to open the fridge. Whoops! The pan doubled over, totally unbalanced.  The pie flew from my hand, landing upside down against the vegetable crisper door inside the fridge.  Meringue first.  Big mess.

Did you know that a purple rag and a bit of water will clean away the whole mess in practically no time?  Before purple rags, I would have been wiping it up with a sponge and soapy water for a lot longer period of time.

I have now ordered a set of silver rags.  They haven’t arrived yet, and I am waiting to see if the silver ones do the same fantastic job that the purple ones do.

So happy with all the products I have purchased from the FlyShop.

Twyla in Michigan


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December Habit #7 Music Teacher Cruising Through Christmas

At the change of each season, I get together with a group of 6 wise women for a potluck and catch up session. It is a great time of reflection, to celebrate successes and share challenges. We were brought together through a book that we shared and have been meeting for 9 years. We span decades, life situations, and 5 cities now — we have learned so much from each other and feel that we are a unit of sorts. We stay connected through e-mail, prayer, and those quarterly meetings. I am always renewed by the time together.

FlyBaby P
Music Teacher Cruising Through Christmas

FlyLady Rebecca here: If you have Pampered yourself this month, send us an email to inspire other FlyBabies! Send an email to with PAMPERED in the subject line. I will post it in the December Habit so keep a lookout for your testimonial!

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Slow Down To 15 Minutes At A Time

Dear FlyLady,

I was sitting down to rest, taking a quick break from my marathon decluttering session, when I read today’s message about downsizing and decluttering – I so needed that encouraging word! I am reminded that I shouldn’t try to take in the big and overwhelming picture all at once. It is impossible to do all at once, anyway.So this Flybaby is going to slow down to 15 minutes at a time. Thank you for that!! I was already thinking about trying to get my house ready for a move, even though I am not moving. Your post just confirmed that I was on the right track!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your constant encouragement, support, and wonderful products.

Mary Helen Atkins



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Final Touches

Dear Friends,

Sometimes when I sleep things come to me. Robert has a name for Him; the midnight editor. I like to think of them as God Breezes while the  crew is resting. This morning I was awaken by today’s morning musing title: Final touches.

As FlyBabies we are famous or shall I say infamous because we have never finished anything in our lives. I think that we become discouraged by the fact that laundry is never done and the dishes are an endless proposition. Not to mention the toys that always need picking up. We would love to see the house clean all at once and stay that way, but let’s face it! It ain’t gonna happen! Our perfectionism is what wants to see it all completely finished and if we don’t have time to do it all we just give up! So it continues to pile up and make us feel even
worse! This bad feeling radiates though your home by the sound of your yelling disapproving voice! I want you to stop this right now! You set the tone for your home literally. If you are yelling and angry the rest of the family is going to follow your lead.  That is enough to drive anyone crazy!

So to distract ourselves from the house that always needs cleaning, we start a project! We think that this is going to make us feel better but what it really does is start another level of guilt. We have such high ideals and we are really good at running with them, but they never get finished. Our problem is that we don’t know how to break a task into doable parts. With our all or nothing thinking; we
go buy the necessary items and then we plan and play and never get down to the step by step work that is needed to complete the project.

My Sweetie calls this Project Mode. It is amazing to watch him with this way of thinking. He commits to doing one thing on the project each day. Now that he is retired he works very hard at staying busy each day.  When he gets in Project Mode he does not let his other work fall by the wayside. His goal is to spend at least five minutes, but it is something! One time he built me a wall of shelves that you could lay on by going into project mode. Every day he celebrates because he has accomplished his goal of doing one thing; he does not beat himself up because he has not finished it YET! He just plods right along, one babystep at a time! Eventually all those babysteps arrive at the end of the project and he will call me downstairs to see his work of art! He actually knows when he has finished. I can’t even imagine that feeling!

I have started so many projects and some of you have been the recipient of them. Before I became FlyLady, I thought I wanted to be a quilter. Oh, I could start them, design them, cut them out, but I hated the sewing part! As a result I had two bags of quilt pieces and no quilt. One day after I became FlyLady, I was writing an essay with the word guilt in it and every time I wrote guilt it came out quilt.

At first I laughed, but I guess it was a Freudian slip of the tongue. Those unfinished quilts were weighing heavy on me. I had to dispose of them and not feel guilty about the money I had spend on the fabric or the time I had wasted on the design or cutting it out. So I hid them under the basement staircase. Hey out of sight out of mind. NOPE it doesn’t work that way, because even the bags they were in reminded me of my quilty little secret! There I did it again. Now I have puddles (tears)rolling down my face!  I didn’t mean to do that. I got rid of those bags just before Christmas when a dear sweet woman from Ohio took my quilt and guilt away!  Those quilt pieces are going to be used to keep someone warm! They are never going to make me feel bad again.

Guilt eats away at our self love! It tells us we are not worthy because we can’t finish anything. Well I am standing up to this guilt once and for all! You are not going to beat me down anymore! I have a higher calling. I may not be the one to make the quilt, but I can motivate you just a little every day to quit procrastinating about your unfinished projects or give them to someone that will. Release the quilt/guilt and find what your purpose in life! I finally know
what I want to be when I grow up!

We can finish things; we ice cakes and put away laundry! Dishes get washed and toys get picked up! We are blessing our home with final touches all the time, we just never knew it because we enjoy beating ourselves up!

Sometimes our goals are too broad. We work very hard to accomplish them with our all or nothing thinking. Then one day we just give up. We just can’t seem to put those final touches on the project.

Are you ready to FLY without the guilt of unfinished projects holding you down? I am not telling you that you have to finish them either! Just let them go! Boogie your way down the runway and you will find yourself FLYing just the same!

You deserve a hug. I am so proud of you for letting them go or for finishing them!


P.S. If you let go of an unfinished project or finished one, I want to hear about it. Send me an email to with FINAL TOUCH in the subject line.

Last day to order from the FlyShop before we close for Christmas is December 20 at 11:59pm EST. 

FREE Shipping Blue Truck

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