Blessing My Sons and Me

Dear FlyLady,

My sons and I love your stainless steel water bottles! I bought two a month ago, and gave one to my college-age son. He is doing manual labor this summer, and packs a lunch every day that sits in the car in the summer heat. The bottle is perfect to put in his lunch box, because it stays cold all day with a few ice cubes, and it doesn’t sweat and make everything in the lunch box wet.

He was amazed the first time he used it and didn’t finish the water from the day before. There was still ice in it the next morning! I use mine daily, carrying it back and forth between work and home, and keeping it on my desk or on the kitchen counter. Cold water all the time!

My younger son saw them and wanted one, so I just placed an order for two more. One for him, and one just to have, in case someone else needs one, or maybe I’ll leave one in my car. I love how slim they are, how they don’t leak or sweat, how you can take the whole top off to have a wide mouth for filling, and how! you can personalize them with the colored cords.

Thanks for another great product!

moveclutterTimer $10.00
12 oz Water Bottle $10.00
Declutter Kit $15.95
Calendar $15.49

FlyLady here: I love my water bottle because I am drinking more water than ever before. A nurse told me the other day that “Where the water goes the salt goes and where the salt goes the water goes!” Since I have been drinking my water my fingers are not as puffy.

We all eat way too much salt. In our book Body Clutter, we wrote that you only need the salt from one little pickle a day.

Drink your water!

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From The Dryer Company

Dear FlyLady,

I am writing in hopes that you will get this message out about an unsuspecting dryer fire hazard. I have always kept a very clean dryer & hose etc.
Reading an e-mail from you this morning about taking off the front panel and clearing lint from there astonished me. I never knew it came off. Your e-mail said clean it right now; so without finishing the e-mail I got up & cleaned it.  While cleaning it I saw what seems like paint peeling as one strip from the side. I vacuumed there and it was not paint, but a large piece of paper. It was very difficult for me to get to but I was determined to pull it out ( I cut my wrist on the metal of the dryer; be careful!) When it finally let loose I discovered it was a large envelope that was singed in several places. I looked in side; it had the semi-burnt technical specs of the dry inside. I couldn’t believe it– before I opened it I thought that maybe it was an unsent Christmas card from years back (my CHAOS days). I am floored that the dryer company would place this very flammable item in such a place. When I finish this e-mail they are getting a letter & so is my Fire Department.

BTW in the vacuum was the same amount of stuff I get when vacuuming my living room (I have 2 heavy shedding dogs-so you can imagine how much that is).

Thank you for your all about business, no sugar coated approach of “get up & do it now!”.

Flying Lint-free in S. Calif :)

FlyLady here:

The Dryer Lint Kit is the tool to help you clear the built up lint from your dryer and the hose. You have to use it after you order it. Your dryer won’t clean itself. Please don’t procrastinate. Do it now!
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I Only Keep the Special Ones

Dear FlyLady,

I ordered this book on my kindle because I was not sure if it would be a keeper. Well let me tell you, as soon as I finished it I got on Amazon and ordered myself a hard copy. I only keep hard copies of books I know I will reread many times over. This book ranks right up there on that list.

In keeping with Flylady “rules” I have decluttered a small library of books that I had been saving. Now I only keep the special ones.
Please let us know as soon as Robert finishes writing his next book.  He really has to write more.  There are too many of us waiting with bated breath for the next one.
Thank you for all you do for all of us,
We love you!!!
Ruthie D


Do you have a Could You But Find It review or story? We would love to read it! Send it to us at with “Could You But Find It” in the subject line. Your review could be the next one featured!

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Watch out for Brain Freeze

Dear FlyLady, 

The water bottle is as SUPER-FLY as I thought it would be. The testimonials are all true. The water is so cold! Watch out for brain freeze! I filled it with ice because that’s what I do whenever I fill a cup & want the water to stay cold, however, this bottle only needs 2-3 cubes of ice to make the water freezing cold and keep it cold allowing more fluid in the bottle. Ice cubes go easily in the opening just like you say it does. I’ve had several types of water bottles, even metal ones, but none keep my drink this cold and refreshing. My only regret…. that I didn’t get the bigger bottle.

Thanks for such quality products!!

FlyBaby in VA

FlyLady here: This is exactly why I LOVE our water bottles! Not only do they keep my water ice cold, they don’t sweat on my table either!

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Candle Soot All Over The Kitchen

Dear FlyLady,

As part of pampering myself, I burn a nice smelling candle in the kitchen. Today, I was burning a homemade one my daughter got me for Christmas. It smells wonderful! However, it also smoked and covered my entire kitchen in a dusting of soot! I have never seen such a thing before.

I spent about 10 seconds being overwhelmed with the enormity of the task of cleaning every surface in the kitchen, when I realized all of these tasks I have done before: they are part of the daily missions when in the kitchen zone! And I know, because I have done them before, that each section takes less than 15 minutes! The counter tops, the cabinet fronts, the appliances, the floor, (the sink), all other things in the kitchen.

Next, I thought of how many paper towels I might be using when I also remembered all the testimonials for the purple rags. I don’t want to ruin my purple rags, but everything I have read pretty much indicated the rags could handle the job. And they did! Beautifully! It took 3 sets of 15 minutes and I am done! My kitchen is clean and shiny. I will use the candle as a room freshener, without lighting it!!

Thank you for all you do. And I learned, Practice makes it Possible!

Laurel in Austin

FlyLady here: Anytime you burn a candle, there is soot. It does build up. Just like with cooking everyday. Our kitchen missions help us to detail clean without spring cleaning! Babysteps.

This candle had something wrong with it. Cut the wick off so you won’t forget and burn it again.

Yes, our Rags in a Bag are great at tough jobs like these! Don’t worry about messing them up, they are meant to be used!



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Cleaning The Car


Hi FlyLady,

I’ve been whining and moaning about all the time I lose ferrying my children (2 six year olds and a nine year old) to their various  appointments.

A particularly bad day is Fridays when I have to fit in two twenty-five minute appointments for my boys between 8 and 9am.

I have an office in a bag but while one child is at his appointment the other two are being noisy in the back and I find it hard to concentrate. There is no time to drive anywhere, nothing is open at that time, whine, whine, whine.

I read a testimonial about cleaning the car with a rubba scrubba. Suddenly the light came on and I packed your purple rags, rubba scrubba, a rubbish bag and my flylady feather duster into the car on Thursday evening. During the first appointment we put some cleaning music on and two of the boys and I dusted, rubba scrubbed the mats and car seats, polished the dashboard and collected any rubbish from the car.

During the second lesson I filled the car, cleaned the windscreen and boogied my handbag. Most of my Friday chores were done by 9am!

Thanks for all your wonderful tools.

FlyBaby in Australia

What a great use of time while waiting in the car with children!

There are many great tools in the Fly Shop. They will work at home or in the car. Take a look today and see which ones you can use to help you FLY.

Don’t forget about our new Silver Rags in the FlyShop.


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I Love The Purple Rags


I ordered the Purple Rags in a Bag and I’m already in love! I’m in the middle of a move, so I’m finally having to clean off parts of furniture that haven’t seen the light in a while. Yesterday, I finally emptied out my curio cabinet and was left with dusty, streaky glass shelves and mirrored back. I remembered the purple rags and went to grab one. I wet it down, wiped down all the shelves, the mirror, and the glass door, and watched. At first it didn’t look so great, but as it dried, it was totally clean and streak free!

This morning, I grabbed one to use for my swish and swipe, and it was
fantastic! It always felt like the paper towels were coming apart in my hand, but this handled countertop and mirror with no problem at all. I think the mirror is shinier than it’s ever been! I immediately designated one purple rag to stay in my bathroom just for swish and swipes. I can’t wait to see where else I can use it!

Thanks so much for all your great products. I know when you come out with something new, it’s going to be something I can use and will fall in love with!

FlyBaby Andrea


FlyLady Here: You asked for the Purple Rags in a different color, and we listened! We now have Silver Rags in the FlyShop.  


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Best For Glass Cleaning

Dear FlyLady,

I couldn’t believe it when I saw your note about the Purple Rags in a Bag. They look just like a couple I have except bigger and better. I’ve thought for ages I should write and suggest you get something like this ever since my sister showed me the best use for them: glass cleaning.

Get them wet and wring them out as much as possible. Then you can just wipe down your windows and mirrors without anything else – no spray and no need to dry! It makes cleaning the glass so much faster and easier.

I find this especially helpful because I have a glass topped coffee table and a cat who likes to hang out on it leaving smudgy little footprints all the time. Now I can clean it up in a moment without hauling out the big guns.

By the way, PFL (pre FlyLady), that table could go for months without being dusted or washed. Now that table and my house is clean and shiny all the time.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me!

FlyBaby Kath in PA


FlyLady Here: You asked for the Purple Rags in a different color, and we listened! We now have Silver Rags in the FlyShop


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Ready For More Ups

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been Flying for almost 3 months and have had some ups and downs, as I had expected (the downs were caused by being sick in bed for 10 days and not having the energy to do any cleaning).

I’d have to say one of my favorite ups was a calendar moment. My DH had received an email invitation to a co-ed baby shower for a friend of his, which would be a few weeks away. He mentioned it to me, so I promptly put it on the calendar and out of my head. The day of the shower came without so much as a memory of its existence. When I checked my control journal and saw “check your calendar”, I was relieved to know we had a couple hours before the shower was supposed to start.

To our surprise, the shower was also an impromptu wedding! It was such a beautiful moment and we were so honored to be a part of it! Thanks to the calendar, we didn’t miss an important part of our friends’ lives.

Ready for more ups

Annette in CA

FlyLady here: Not only do you have to write it on the calendar, you have to CHECK the calendar!

Don’t every miss another event.

Our new calendars are NOW in the FlyShop! If you have never used our FlyLady Calendar before, then you have a treat in store for you. We have large squares to hold all your family’s schedules. The FlyLady Calendar is a 17 month (August 2015 – December 2016) calendar and you can start using it in August for the new school year.


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September Habit #2 Launch Pad


Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for your suggestion of a daily launch pad.

It’s made my morning routine so much easier.

I bought myself a beautiful new tote bag (so much better than grocery store plastic bags) and an over-the-door hook for the door out to my garage. When I come home, I take my water bottle, dirty lunch containers and detritus out of it and return it to its hook.

I pack it up again before bed, and, since it hangs right at eye level, I can never miss it heading out again in the morning.

My department secretary asked me why I never have to stop by to borrow the master office door keys any more: I finally have my own, every day.

I’m chugging away at the babysteps. Oh, to have started this twenty years ago, when bad habits weren’t so ingrained.

I think I can, I think I can…

Susan in Ohio

FlyLady here: This month we are focusing on the before bed routine.

Part of this routine is gathering up everything you need for the following day and putting it in one place. This place is your launch pad. You will be able to grab and go!


Dear FlyLady,

My husband finished remodeling our bathroom last month and I decided I would put great effort in keeping it clean.  I bought a squeegee for our full shower and after every shower I squeegeed all of the walls but after a month the floor started looking icky.  I kept saying I was going to remember to bring in a purple rag, but I never did.  And then the floor was looking really bad and I didn’t really want to use the shower, but I wouldn’t remember the purple rag.

Then yesterday my son took a shower and when he came out he said, ” Mom, I noticed the floor was looking really bad so after my shower I used my wash cloth to wipe down the floor.  So simple!  In my mind I had made this into a huge project that was just too daunting. The light came on! I finally understood what FlyLady was saying. Just because she remembered to have a purple rag in her bathroom didn’t mean that I couldn’t clean my shower if I didn’t remember my purple rag. I already have my wash cloth, why couldn’t I use what I had?  I love your purple rags and I use them everywhere but if I don’t have one it doesn’t mean I can’t clean.

Thank you for helping me.  Not only can I have a clean house now but my whole life has changed. I no longer see every day as a challenge to “get things done” with a list the size of a small book.  I am happy more often now and I appreciate every day.  I no longer feel like something is wrong with me because I can’t do what others can.  Instead I enjoy what I can do and I am finding I can do more.

I’m turning 60 next month and just now learning how good life really is.

Thanks FlyLady for giving me a good life to look forward to.

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