By Brenda Andersonon January 15, 2016
Format: Paperback

First, may I say, WHO would not advertise/promote THEIR business? Second, this book was written by FlyLady’s sister for HER. Paddi wrote a sweet and inspirational story of, about and for Marla. Marla is simply sharing a beautiful gesture by her sister with the world. If you can find better products and have not been motivated to get your house and self in order then you don’t even need the book. You can do it alone. Props! Many of us have gone from clutter and CHAOS to Finally Loving Ourselves!

This is a sweet, inspirational story, full of love, peace and mentions of a very special sister and her company, as well as, a testimony of how and why the sister helps others who are struggling with the same things she struggled with in her life. Can’t you see that?!? Marla didn’t even set out to start a business… only to help a friend. This book is a fabulous read! Take it and run with it! I’m not yelling… just trying to open a few closed eyes and minds.

Thank you. Love you, Marla aka FlyLady, and thank you for your time, effort and patience with each one of us. God Bless You!

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Fear of Losing My Voice

Dear FlyLady,

I always drank some water but couldn’t break my addiction to 2-3 diet colas a day. As a hundred pound weight loser, I drank a diet cola whenever I wanted excess food.

When I lost my voice last summer, I was diagnosed with gastric reflux disorder, impinging on my vocal cords. As I sing professionally, this was a major crisis. I was given a list of foods to avoid — citrus, tomato, spicy foods, caffeine –but first on the list was carbonated beverages, especially colas, diet or otherwise, caffeinated or caffeine free.

I never thought I could give up my diet cola habit, but the fear of losing my voice and career overcame my fear of losing my crutch. I am here to report that there is life after diet cola. The first few weeks were very hard, but now I don’t miss it, and I have definitely increased my water intake.

For those of you who are not professional singers, you should know that the acid in colas can cause problems in your esophagus which can lead to a precancerous condition. My doctor (ENT) said that diet cola was terrible to drink but pretty useful to clean your car battery. That should tell us something.

Best to all who are working on eating (and drinking) in a healthy way.

A FlyBaby in Maryland

FlyLady here: You need water and one of the best ways to make sure you sip your water daily is to keep a water bottle at your finger tips.

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Pamper Mission 05/29/16

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a brand new Zone and a brand new Pamper Mission! Today, we have a back to basics mission that I absolutely need to do myself lol. Time to shave our legs! With warmer weather moving in for lots of us right now, this is the one time of year that we put away the jeans and sweaters and let our pretty legs shine!  What better way to pamper ourselves than with some soft smooth legs all day? I don’t mean go shave for your hubby! I want us to shave just for us! We deserve the luxury of soft smooth legs too don’t we?

Who cares that it will grow back seemingly magically overnight! Live in the moment and enjoy today!!

You deserve it!

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Don’t Leave Home Without It

Dear FlyLady,

I use the purple rags for everything because they’re the best cleaners ever.  But I keep one aside to clean my glasses.

Recently we took a two week holiday to Switzerland and packed very frugally so that everything could fit on board the plane.  I only packed the essentials, but made sure to pack my purple rag for my glasses and I was so glad I did.

Some things you just can’t do without!

Debbie Binnie



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May Habit #29 Aqua Aerobics while Moving in May

Dear FlyLady,

Forgive any odd spellings since I am typing this from my phone.

I just wanted to say that my mom and I have been taking water aerobics classes 2 evenings a week at the local pool. We both feel 100% better than we did a month ago.

Mom says she feels 21 again and my back is feeling so much better I was just able to spend 2 days packing up a house with only a few Advil.

Anyway, to anyone who feels they are too overweight or out of shape or old, mom and I are here to tell you that we highly, highly recommend Aqua Aerobics.

It is fun and energizing and anyone can do it.

Flapping in Florida, Elizabeth and her mom

We have new products in the FlyShop to make Moving in May fun!

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I’m Proud Of My Home


I know you get many testimonials about how your methods have changed lives.  I am not one who would normally send a testimonial.

Your love and support has changed my life, too.  I was in the deep dark depths of depression, and my home reflected that.  I read your column on depression and knew that this is me.  I sought help.  And now I do have a home that I am proud of; a home that my grandmother raised me to maintain.  I felt so inadequate being unable to do it.  Of course my grandmother never worked outside of the home.  With your methods, love and support I can have the home I am proud of.  Thank you so much!!!


Kathryn Griep

We WANT to read your testimonials! Please don’t hesitate to send them in. If you have a TestiFly to share please send us an email at with TESTIFLY in the subject line.



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The Albatross Around Your Neck

Dear Friends,

I have been studying the list of stressors and what I am finding is that building your routines and a basic weekly plan will help a long way in getting rid of some of these problems that we create for ourselves.

A couple of the major stressors in our lives are money and paperwork.  Now I can’t wave a magic wand and make more money come into your bank  account, but I can give you to the tools to help you handle wisely what you do have.

In our basic weekly plan we have a couple of days (no not days; just a few minutes on Wednesday and Friday) set aside to pay your bills and put together a grocery list. What you have told me is that you can’t understand why you don’t just pay your bills when you have the money. Well I understand why! It is called procrastination and lack of an appointed time to sit down and do them. The bills are hiding in a hot spot on the dining table or floating around in the car or heaven forbid your bottomless pit of a purse. So in order to pay a bill you have to be able to find it. Imagine that; knowing where your bills are, where your checkbook is, and how much money is in the bank, and then being able to find a stamp to mail the envelope. If you had all of this in one place then that would be a stressor turned into a blesser.

Here is how you do this. When you bring the mail in the house; do not pile it on the dining room table. Open it up immediately; don’t set it down thinking you will get to it later! Then get rid of the junk mail and put it in one place. Then when Wednesday or Friday rolls around, you will know where they are and that is one less frustrating step that you have to take to pay them.

This is why we developed the Office in a Bag. It doesn’t matter what kind of zip up binder you use as long as you keep your necessary items in one place so you can find them. The beauty of using a zip up bag with a carrying strap is that it is portable. So when you have those 15 minutes at soccer practice, your lunch hour or waiting for an appointment; you have everything you need to pay your bills, plan next week’s menus and a grocery list. Just look at all the stress you have relieved by putting together this little tool. Not to mention the money you have saved in late fees and over spending at the grocery store once you actually use your basic weekly plan. With menus, a grocery list in hand and a shopping trip; you will no longer find yourself standing in front of your refrigerator at 6:00 pm saying, “What’s for dinner?????” That is another one of the big stressors in your lives.

There is no magic wand here; it all fits together but you have to start by putting a couple of pieces in place. Imagine all the stressors in your life as a big jigsaw puzzle. When you dump the puzzle out of the box; it is a jumbled mess. Then you start by tuning over all the pieces so you can see them clearly. I think this is what our FlyLady emails and website are all about: Looking at things just a little harder and trying to figure out how it all fits together. Then you start to put the framework together, by finding all the flat sides. This is your routines, basic weekly plan, taking care of yourself, decluttering and keeping that sink shining. Before you know it; the outside frame is put together and you start filling in the various sections. Each little section is one of these stressor that play havoc with your health and life. As you put in place one little section at a time (these are the areas of your life and home that have been in CHAOS) your puzzles gets easier and easier to fill in the missing pieces. The finished puzzle is a picture of peace for your life.

I know this sounds kind of simple but it really is. If you will just start with building your framework of your simple routines (Control Journal), get dressed to shoes each morning and keep your sink shiny; then you will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment and some of your stress will go away!

Are you ready to turn the stressors in your life into blessers?


P.S. To see the Office in a Bag and get an idea of what to put inside of it; go look at the photograph on the website. We all have the stuff that goes inside the bag; that is why we DID NOT include it with the Office in a Bag.

I developed the original Office in a Bag when I was a young working mom. I still have the original.

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If They Only Knew

 Hi FlyLady,

After I ordered my new FlyLady Feather Duster, I had some friends tell me that they thought I had wasted my money since all a feather duster does is “spread the dust around” and “why do you need to order a FlyLady duster?”. Well, if they only knew. I was so excited to receive my new feather duster and it got here really quick! I promptly got the hair dryer out and gave it a poofing. I then began flying through the house with my new duster and dusted my bedroom, office, children’s rooms and bathroom (I even got up the dust and lint on top of my clothes dryer!).

I didn’t set a timer since I was just trying out my duster for FUN, but I dusted my whole upstairs (including ceiling fans) in less than 10 minutes. It really was effortless. I proceeded downstairs, dusting the banister as I went along until I got outside and shook it – boy, did the dust fly then!

So to respond to my doubting friends: 1. My FlyLady Feather Duster certainly doesn’t just “spread the dust around”, it grabs it up inside my house so I can then take it out of my house. and 2. I need a FlyLady duster because: a) it really works, b) it makes me happy (who would’ve thought that about dusting? LOL), c) it got me out of my non-dusting rut.

Now I have a tool to implement into my daily and weekly routines. I hated dusting before I got my FlyLady Feather Duster, mainly because it took too much time to do it PERFECTLY (so I hardly ever did it).

As I was coming downstairs with my new feather duster, my 6 year old DS made me smile when he asked “Mom, are you flying through the house again?”

Thank you for this great tool!

-FlyBaby in Iowa


FlyLady Here: We love our beautiful dusters, too. It is like having your very own magic wand to make the dust disappear as you bless your home. The duster is fun and makes us feel happy when we use it and isn’t that the way we want to live? Taking care of your home does not have to be a negative thing; having a home to bless and tools to have fun is the way to go. That is why we create these tools for you.

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Please Help with the Paper Clutter

Dear FlyLady,

I have been checking your website for years and trying to adapt your system to my life. I am a stay at home mother of six–age 14 to 3. This year, I finally decided to sign up for the e-mails and start wearing my shoes! I always resisted that one, but now I no longer have rough feet!! Thank you.

The reason I am writing is because I ordered some tools from you for the first time. The two items I felt would be useful were the feather duster and a rubba scrubba.

I received my package in Monday’s mail and was excited to try out my new tools. I had already done my Weekly Home Blessing. For dusters, I had used an attachment to my Eureka Capture + vacuum and a Swiffter. The vacuum attachment works great for cobwebs and to dust the ceiling fan but didn’t work well for shelves and dusting around decorative items. The Swifters always seem to catch and leave behind fuzz.

The feather duster is wonderful. I owned one before, but it was not nearly as fluffy as yours. I was able to dust around everything, even a glass plate that I keep on my dresser and set my everyday jewelry on–It didn’t disturb a single piece!

Then I opened my rubba scrubba. I purchased two–one for dirty jobs and another for maybe food. I read how the one woman used hers to clean her carrots. We grow a big garden in the summer. I had a specific job in mind for this tool. I was glad we were in the kitchen zone. I bought it to clean the gasket area around my built in dishwasher. There was a lot of build up and I was worried about scrubbing it with something too sharp or rough and ruining the rubber gasket. Well, the rubber on rubber was really safe and did a great
job! When I was finished, I used it to scrub out my kitchen trash cans– The mission for the day! Thank you so much!

My eight year old son, added the FlyLady sticker that came with my order to his collection of stickers on his take home folder from school. I wonder if he will get any comments on it?! The kids tease me about the FlyLady, but it is working. My younger kids loved watching your “Cruising through the Holidays” videos with me. We would love more videos like that.

My biggest challenge is paper clutter. With six kids (five are in school), a lot of papers come into the house everyday. Plus, there are my husbands papers. I have a hard time figuring out whether something needs to be saved or not. I also like to save ideas, recipes, etc. I’m good about cutting them out of magazines and such, but I haven’t come up with the best idea to organize them–file folders? a binder?

Thank you for your website. My mom passed away 12 years ago, she was a wonderful housekeeper. You have been my source for advice on keeping my house in order. I now have two rooms in my house that are always clean–the dining room and our bedroom. I know my house will never be perfect and that is ok. As my mom used to say, “We live in
our house.”


South Bend, Indiana

FlyLady here: Papers are a mounting problem for all FlyBabies. We mound them up and the piles fall over.

I have an idea for the stuff you cut out of the magazines. Get a three ring binder and fill it full of sheet protectors. You can have a binder for recipes and one for other things. I did one of these once for my garden ideas. It was my wish book. Don’t get all carried away
with putting everything in the sheet protectors perfectly. Just slide it in and go on to the next thing.

Here is the key to making this work. When you see an article you like and want to keep; tear it out right then and slide it in the sheet protector. “Do it now” saves hours looking for the article in your magazine stash.

Children’s papers are a piece of cake!

Get a bundle of 9 X 12 envelopes for mailing papers. Collect the papers each week from each child in a folder. On Saturday have each child pick out their favorite work for the week. Put that on the refrigerator/bulletin board or on the wall in the laundry room. This
can be your wall of fame! Then teach the children to address the envelope to their grandparents or aunts and uncles. Poof! The papers are gone! Your family loves to see what the children are doing and the kids learn how to let go of stuff. You also have only 52 papers for each child instead of several thousand for their scrapbooks. You can
start those with sheet protectors too.

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Immediately Motivated

Dear FlyLady,

I thank all of you for all the hard work you do for us Flybabies!

I appreciate knowing on an off day, I can read my email and be immediately motivated to do  SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. I am getting better at recognizing that “perfect” angel sitting on my shoulder yelling at me for not doing something perfectly.

Instead, I turn to her and smile: You don’t have to do it perfectly, Just getting it done will be fine!

I had to send you a note about the clog cannon~ we received it late one night, so I was in bed (Going to bed at a decent hour doesn’t apply to delivery men

The next day, I was taking it into the bathroom to unclog a very slow moving sink…my DH follows me in there and, wouldn’t ya know? He takes it from me and starts “playing” with it….and poof! The sink is flowing well, and my DH keeps going on the sink because he is having FUN.

I am happy camper, and the DH got to play.

Hmmmm….now to order more “toys”…THANKS!

Flybaby Mary in AZ
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