Pretend to Move

Dear Friends,

In honor of the people we know who are moving soon; Let’s play a game to help us declutter. We are going to pretend to move! Yes move from one house to another. This happens all the time and we get emails begging for this information. There is a section on our website and a whole chapter in my book Sink Reflections. From now till the end of February I will be autographing every copy of Sink Reflections.

Moving Tips are on our Website

So you are moving!!! Don’t let it scare you to death. It is just like any other project that we undertake and we won’t need an undertaker when we are finished either. Decluttering can make your home feel like a new home! You can do this! One BabyStep at a time!

I have one rule to follow! If you don’t love it; get rid of it. It can’t come with you!

You can’t afford to move it, especially if you are paying by the pound. This is exactly how you have to think about things with a big cross country move.

I am going to be pretty tough here. All that really matters is that you have your family with you. Everything else you have in your home is just STUFF and can be replaced if need be. The thought of starting over is too much to consider sometimes, but right now in the world many people are doing just that with the clothes on their back: Fire, flood, divorce, death, or financial problems. You name it, this happens all the time. You have even done it. I have done it three times in my life. Guess what! It didn’t kill me either! I had a choice, many people are not that blessed.

It is much easier to declutter when you are not forced into it by extenuating circumstances. This is why I have tried to teach you to do it in babysteps, so you don’t even realize it is happening. Who on earth misses a grocery bag of clutter, when it leaves your home one bag a day! Imagine 365 of those bags tied up and piled in your living room floor. That is a lot of stuff. Now think about every time you come home from the store with more bags of stuff. No wonder we don’t have a place for everything. The old stuff is taking over your home and the new stuff has no home. STUFF is everywhere!

When we have nothing, we want more stuff. We think that stuff will make us feel better. All stuff really does is give us a false sense of security. So we go out and spend more money to buy the stuff to fill up the hole that eats away at our soul. The more stuff we have the safer we feel. We fill our homes with more gadgets to make our life easier, when in the long run they take up space and don’t really work that well. After a while of filling that hole with stuff; it begins to weigh you down. It keeps you from enjoying your home and your family. It keeps you from being light on your feet and before you know it, you are sinking into the pits of despair. The stuff you had really wanted is causing your health, family and home to pay the toll. Then we rent storage units to put all of the stuff that is over flowing from our homes. That costs us more money that we have to steal from our family: just to hold our stuff.

Just think back to a time when you were starting over. It has taken years to accumulate all the things that you have. I want you to look very closely at this stuff. How has it come into your lives? I’ll bet that most of it has been given to you: Hand-me-downs, inherited from your parents. Then the rest has come from garage sales. How many of the items in your home have a special meaning? Do they tell a story that brings a smile to your face or does it make you feel bad when you look at it.

Our “poor me” attitude has caused us to be surrounded by so much STUFF! Do you know what the term STUFF stands for: Something That Undermines Family Fun! Think about the money that it takes to take care of your STUFF: store it, clean it, organize it, and move it. STUFF is clutter to me and clutter cannot be organized. Do you hear me! All you can do is get rid of it; One little bag at a time or one dumpster at a time. I don’t care how you do it; it just has to be done to make room for you and your family and the love that you have for one another.

All any of us need in our lives are food, clothing, shelter and love! The comforts of home! Not a storage place for STUFF. Over the last several years, we have slowly decluttered our home. It is an on-going process! I mean this. When we bring home a new item, an old one has to go. Now we only have items in our home that bring a smile to our face. Most of our belongings we have accumulated in the first couple years of our marriage; One item at a time. I was still in my “ole poor me” mode and we would buy pallet lots of stuff at estate auctions and come home and try to make a place for it all. It has taken me the many years to slowly get rid of other people’s stuff from our home. Now we only have those special items that make us smile. Since I have quit buying just anything to fill a hole, I have found that I have more time and money for the necessitates of life; that is love!

Now back to the reason for this essay! Let’s pretend we are moving. This means taking a long hard look at our stuff and deciding if we truly love it, use it regularly, or just think we need it. Now don’t get all upset. Heirlooms are special, but if you keep them just “because” and you don’t really love them, then they are taking the place of something that could really bring a smile to your face. I have heard of a sad story of a wealthy family that upon the death of the grandmother and during the funeral, one of the daughters had the horse hair sofas(all six of them) removed from the estate. They were supposed to be very special. As a result those sofas could never be gotten rid of by the only child of this greedy person. Those sofas were just clutter that could not be used and ended up in one room filled with more stuff. Upon his death, the stuff was all auctioned off. How sad to be saddled with someone else’s prizes and never really have anything of your own.

I want for you what I have; Peace and this peace came from letting go of bad memories and everything that did not bring a smile to my face. Let go and live a life that is filled with love!

Are you ready to FLY?


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Where Do I Put Things as I Declutter?

Dear FlyLady,

I really have one question that I cannot seem to figure out on my own! I have so much clutter in every part of the house when I set my timer for 15 minutes to declutter, I have nowhere to put the things that I need to put back. For example, I have four to five baskets next to my bed that I want to put away, but my closet is overflowing so it is almost impossible to put things in the clothes closet; and the hallway closet is the same way- nowhere to put sheets or towels. I feel like it is a constant state of chaos.

Please help~
FlyBaby M.

Dear FlyBaby M.

We want a home that hugs us! But where do we start?  This has been the underlying question that causes us to procrastinate. I have an answer.

We start with shining our sink. That is the absolute first habit to establish is keeping our sinks clean and shiny.

Then we declutter. That’s when the question comes up again, “Where do I start?” I have been thinking about this and sometime we get the cart before the horse.

Here is the reason we have to address our clutter issues.

1.      Clutter waste time
2.      Clutter makes our house look messy
3.      Children pull out everything; less to pull out = less mess
4.      Too many clothes makes laundry hard to do and to put away
5.      Clutter causes us to feel overwhelmed tired. It zaps our energy.
6.      We want peace in our lives and with clutter around there is no peace.

Back to the question of the day; Where do I start? Chicken or the egg syndrome once again; do I declutter the flat surfaces or the cubby holes.  I have the answer. BOTH! Now don’t get upset! We are not going to do it all at once. I am going to walk you through this one babystep at a time.

The reason your flat surfaces are piled high is because you do not have a place for the items in your hot spot. The easiest way to save time is to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Didn’t your Granny teach you that? Our problem is that we don’t know where to put anything because all of our storage places are cluttered.

Here is my story: I have telephone and computer stuff in lots of places. When I need something I spend a lot of time searching for it. I had to decide where I wanted to keep my geek toys. For me that had to easily accessible when I wanted something. I decided that I would keep them in a Rubbermaid sweater bin that would slid under my extra bed. But wait! My memorabilia was in one of those bins and the other one was full of tote bags and zipper bags. Here is what to I had to do.

I chose my cedar chest to hold my keep sakes. It had a pillow, two sweaters, a small comforter and other memorabilia; the pillow got donated along with the two sweaters and the comforter is being washed to give to a precious little girl. That made room for the bin of keepsakes. I picked up the bin and just poured it into the cedar chest. I didn’t get sidetracked by sorting this box of magazines and other papers. That was not my goal. Now the bin was empty. I was still collecting all the geek toys into one place. I took the other Rubbermaid sweater bin and pulled out all the totes and zippered bags. Put them all in one bag and declutter the ones I don’t like. I placed that in the top of my closet with my other tote bags and purses. Now I had two bins empty. I took the declutter items to the car and put the trash in the garbage can.

Now I was ready to start sorting my geek toys into one bin. With my trusty declutter kit right beside me; Give away, Put Away and Throw away. Now laundry basket is empty. The Rubbermaid bin is labeled and ready to roll under the bed and I have one empty one. See how easy this is. Now I am going to give you a step by step list to get started.

I started by thinking about everything having a place and everything being in its place. As a result of just collecting my geek toys, I have consolidated my memorabilia, my purses and tote bags and I have one empty storage container.

NOTE: Before you start this make sure you are dressed to lace up shoes and you have a done our morning routine. Then put on some fun music. Our Up Kind of Day CD has a lot of peppy music.

Where am I going to put my stuff?

1.      How often will you use it- this determines where you put it.
2.      Hard to get to or easily accessible (I needed easily accessible)

What is living in that space now?

3.      Is it clutter that can be donated? (Much of it could be donated to make room)
4.      Can it be put in another other place with like items (I used my cedar chest)

What are you going to put the items in?

5.      Rubbermaid bin (under bed storage or tote)
6.      A Basket (my laundry basket for collecting geek toys)
7.      A decorative storage device out in the open (cedar chest)
8.      A Storage bin that seals to protect items from moisture and rodents. (Rubbermaid sealed bins)

What do you do now?

9.    You will need a Declutter Kit: A give-away, put-away and throw-away bin or bag.
10.  You will need a timer , note card, marker and tape. Once you decide; label it.
11.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and begin collecting your caches of like items in a laundry basket.
12.  Set a timer for another 15 minutes and empty the place you want to put your collection.
13.  Declutter things that need to go away and throw away the trash.
14.  Don’t just throw it in the floor put it where you want it to go.
15.  Don’t get hung up on wanting to organize those things. Just consolidate them for now.

What next?

16.  Set your timer for 15 minutes.
17.  Place the items you have been collecting in their new home. As you put them away declutter the broken items and duplicates.
18.  Put the container where you want it.
19.  Gather up the trash and throw it away
20.  Take the give-away items to the car
21.  Pick up after yourself

Now what?

22.  Set your timer for 15 minutes and
23.  Fix yourself something warm and comforting to drink.
24.  Put your feet up and celebrate that you got rid of clutter, consolidated your stuff and found a place for it! I am so proud of you!

I have been corralling my little stash and dash caches of computer and telephone gadgets. What do you need to corral? Clear out the holding area and let’s herd our stuff together. Everything having a place and everything in its place; makes for a peaceful home.

From CHAOS to Clean in 2017!


Have you been living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?

PrintWe are excited to share with you my third book, CHAOS to Clean in 31 Easy BabySteps. This book will help both our new FlyBabies, and our “not so new” FlyBabies (like those who are “jumping back in where we are”).

This is a PRE-ORDER. The book went to the printer yesterday! It is being printed locally and bound in Georgia. Our hopes are that we will have it in stock by March 15, 2017.

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Thanks For The Principles

Swish and SwipeDear FlyLady,

At the expense of being told I’m a perfectionist & to get my FlyBaby act together, I’d like to share something that has been a huge help to me.

I’ve read the email where someone moved to a much larger house & you told her to just do the middles in 10mins. I have to confess that for me, if I hadn’t already had my Ah-ha moment regarding my vacuuming, I would have been turned completely off FlyLady.

It may be fine for those of you who have a good lot of mop-able area, but for those of us with super large homes, where the only area not carpeted is one tiny ensuite, & the kitchen, you’ve gotta be kidding! Add to that an upstairs/downstairs situation, & a vacuum cleaner my DH blessed me with, that works really well when used SLOWLY.

I’d like to share this in case it may help someone else.

SO, before you ditch my email, or send me one telling me to chuck the P word, here is what I discovered – thanks to you:

If I vacuum just the area my vacuum cord reaches**, I can blitz it in next to no time, (not TOO slowly as I know I’ll be back there next week, & just the middles, of course,) empty the dust canister & run down to shake out the filter (some loving movement – so easy, as I’ve dressed to lace-up shoes,) & leave the vacuum, all ready for action, handy to the area of my next Vacuum Zone, the next day, (either in a corner upstairs, or it’s home, if downstairs. Overnight, tucked in corner, is not a big deal if the place is clean & most wouldn’t see it upstairs anyhow.)

I’ve allotted myself 4 zones (unrelated to yours), two up, & two downstairs, & I can flick round it after my swish and swipe first thing.

It is the first time I’ve had my bedroom regularly vacuumed since moving into this home, not to mention the rest of the house! I’m buzzing from the difference it has made!

I do a particular Zone on a particular day of the week, Monday through Thursday, & don’t even need to think of vacuuming on Saturday or Sunday (unless the Dining needs an extra zap) as I know it’ll be done again within a few days.

If I know I’ll be unable to do one of my vacuum days, I’ll either tack that zone to the day preceding or following, & it’s still no big deal, or I can just nudge the rest one day over & still have the weekend clear.

So, thanks for giving me the principles that enabled this to happen. After 6 weeks of Zone vacuuming, I wouldn’t want to go back to the chore of thoroughly vacuuming my entire house, just the thought makes me weary.

I love vacuuming now – my way (the FlyLady Principle way, if not to the letter of her law)

Thanks so much!
This two-month old Kiwi Flybaby


FlyLady here: I’m so glad you’re making our system work for you. There is no “right” way to clean your house. Anyway you clean, you’re blessing your home and your family.

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February Habit #27 A Little At a Time

IMG_5644Dear Friends,

February is Declutter for 15 minutes, and we are going to take full advantage of our time. Only two more days of decluttering missions! If you have a declutter story or an idea that you have found to be useful please send us an email with MY DECLUTTER STORY in the subject line!

We have gotten a lot done this month! I am so proud of all of you!

FlyLady Rebecca

February Declutter Mission: #1 Zone #5

Zone 5 is the living room and I want you to pick a drawer or cubby to spend 15 minutes decluttering. This can be in your entertainment center, side table, or coffee table.


I love your 15 minute declutter idea!  I’ve used it very successfully and on a few occasions it has turned into a longer process, simply because I wanted to see the finished result.

I recently cleaned out my daughter’s bathroom closet.  What a mess.  It was simply throwing out or keeping.  It took longer than 1 minutes but was a simple task.  It looks fantastic & everything has a home.

I did my own master bath closet a bit at a time.  I didn’t time it, but I did one shelf at a time.  It’s a full closet for sure, but is now organized.

You’ve taught me that a little at a time is good enough!  I don’t have to go “all in” for 2 hours!

My sink shines almost nightly now as well.

Thanks for the reminders and support!  I love it!


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Perfectionism is Not an Asset

Dear Friends,

In our perfectionism we try to fix things for everyone. I have been a fixer all my life. Most of us are like this. It is who we are, but we have to realize that this trait is not good for us.

Here is what happens. We take on the problems of the world. They can be such tiny problems but when you take on all of them, they weigh you down and keep you from FLYing. All we can really do is effect change in ourselves. The sooner we step out of this virtual reality then the faster we are going to take flight!

Have you ever noticed that when you are carrying the burdens of everyone around you that you catch a cold? I don’t quite understand it but here is what I think happens. Worry takes a lot out of us. My grandmother was a worrier. You may not think that it takes any energy to worry but it does; it robs your body of fuel. If you are in a continual worried state or even a plotting state then you are using a lot of adrenaline.

This adrenaline pumping through your veins is keeping you hyped up. This is the same powerful fuel that allows a tiny woman to pick a car up to free a child. When we use it every day it has a way of turning on our bodies. It causes our immune systems to break down and we get sick.

In our perfectionism virtual reality we think we can fix anything. The truth is that we probably can but are we really helping when we do this. Not only does it play havoc with our bodies but it keeps the other person you are trying to fix stuck in their own virtual reality. Think about this for a minute. When you give a man a fish; he will eat for a day. But when you can teach him to fish for himself; he will eat for a lifetime. This is all about learning a new skill.

We need to learn the new skill of letting go of things that we have no control over. The only control we have is over our own thoughts and actions. Just because we can fix something does not mean we have to fix it.

Our perfectionism plays havoc with your children’s lives. Let me give you an example of a young woman. Her parents divorced when she was a baby. She was raised by her father and her step-mother. Her step-mother was BO and had no patience to teach her anything. This Flybaby also had the same issues we have with ADD. It was just easier for this stepmom to do it herself.

As a result this FlyBaby lacked even the simplest of skills when it comes to house cleaning. When she was old enough to get her first job; it was in a restaurant being a hostess. She was told that part of her duties were to keep the foyer swept. They handed her a broom and she did not know what to do with it. She was laughed at and ridiculed because she had no skills when it came to sweeping. She came home crying to her real mom that it was a disservice for children to not be taught these things.

Her real mom just cleans in routines and things get done. When this FlyBaby would come to visit everything was always neat and tidy and they played all the time. When she finally came to live with her mom at age 16; her main focus was helping her daughter learn study skills to assist with her learning disability. They worked so hard on getting her grades up that there was never an opportunity for a teaching moment when it came to house cleaning.

Our children are like that butterfly that struggles to get out of the cocoon. If we don’t allow them to struggle and pump their life blood into their wings then they are not ever going to FLY. They will not be able to accomplish their passions. When you don’t live your dreams you die. We can’t do this to them any longer. We have to give them skills.

Let go of your perfectionism virtual reality of being the fix-it person. You don’t have to do everything. You can be a mentor and a teacher but you can’t be the rescuer. This is a hard lesson for me too.

Are you ready to FLY above your perfectionism?


Have you been living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?



We are excited to share with you my third book, CHAOS to Clean in 31 Easy BabySteps. This book will help both our new FlyBabies, and our “not so new” FlyBabies (like those who are “jumping back in where we are”).

This is a PRE-ORDER. The book went to the printer yesterday! It is being printed locally and bound in Georgia. Our hopes are that we will have it in stock by March 15, 2017.

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My Shower is a Mess

Dear FlyLady,

My shower stall is a mess! Mildew and icky orange stuff. How is the best way to clean it up?

Thanks a million.

FlyBaby Debbie

Dear Debbie,

If you want to stop mildew and mold from growing in your shower; you need to get the air moving. I was taught by a nurse at a the Brevard Music Center Summer Camp that mold will not grow in moving air. Get a small fan and set it outside your bathroom to blow air into your bathroom. Also open the shower door or pull back the shower curtain. This will help the shower to dry. After the walls dry you will need to close the shower curtain for it to dry.

I like to bless my sweet darling by cleaning his shower for him once a month. Since we got the Rubba Swishas, I like to use one on the corners and floor. I don’t use the same one that I use on his toilet. That would just gross me out! Robert is really good about keeping his shower door open to allow it to dry.

You can clean your shower just a little each time you are in it. While the conditioner is on your hair, you can scrub a little area in your shower. After about a week of doing just a little every day your shower will clean and shiny.

Kathy uses our FlyLady Mop on her showers and bathtubs. She sets the handle in its shortest position. You can use it wet to scrub the walls or dry to soak up the moisture.

I keep a Rubba Scrubba in my tub. I rarely take a shower since I love my bath time. My Rubba Scrubba helps me keep my tub jets clean. It hangs on a hook.

My favorite cleaner for my tub and shower is the same stuff I use on my hair and body. It will really work on the soap scum it makes. Soap is soap!

To help eliminate mold and mildew I like to use a very mild solution of bleach water in a spray bottle. The recipe is 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. This will help to keep the mold and mildew from growing.

With my Rubba Swisha, Rubba scrubba and our FlyLady mop; we keep our showers clean! The Rubba Sweepa helps me get the hair spray off my floor and the Purple rags wipe down my mirrors, shower doors, and the sink. Together my bathroom is company ready! I love how it blesses me!

Have you been living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?

PrintWe are excited to share with you my third book, CHAOS to Clean in 31 Easy BabySteps. This book will help both our new FlyBabies, and our “not so new” FlyBabies (like those who are “jumping back in where we are”).

This is a PRE-ORDER. The book went to the printer yesterday! It is being printed locally and bound in Georgia. Our hopes are that we will have it in stock by March 15, 2017.

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I Love My Home

testiflyHello FlyLady,

I have been fluttering for a couple of years now…… but have really been putting it into practice for the last 2 weeks….. but you said that if you have routines an stick to those routines for 30 days it becomes a habit…..   Well I’m happy to say that I have been sticking to my routines for 2 whole weeks now….    I’m half way there FlyLady….. I’m happy to be a part of your wonderful family an that’s truly what you guys are to me….

I love my home so much more than I ever have in my whole entire life….   I come home an you are so right my home now hugs me when I am there…..   An I’m even teaching my youngest son to FLY as well an that is so wonderful because I don’t want him to become an adult that doesn’t know how to keep his house clean……..  My Momma didn’t teach me but you did so I’m happy for that….   But I’m teaching him how to keep his home an to have his home hug him when he is there…….     God bless you FlyLady an all the other FlyHelpers…..    God bless you

A Flybaby in Jeffersonville Indiana

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February Habit #26 Turn It Into A Game

IMG_5645Dear Friends,

February is Declutter for 15 minutes, and we are going to take full advantage of our time. Monday through Friday this month you will get a new Declutter Mission that follows the Zone we are in. If you have a declutter story or an idea that you have found to be useful please send us an email with MY DECLUTTER STORY in the subject line!

FlyLady Rebecca

February Declutter Mission:

No mission today! take a break and renew your spirit!

Dear FlyLady,

When it comes to decluttering I tend to freeze. I have two young children (4 and 2) and not only do things seem to find their way to the strangest places in my house, but there are a lot of things that I find myself wanting to hold on to, or leave where I find it, “just in case” since with kids…you never know! One thing I found to help me get past my initial freeze-up is that I made a list of all the hot-spots I could think of in our home: tops of bookcases in the entry and family room, the dining room table, the tables next to our beds and couches, the kitchen counter, etc. I then typed them all up into a Word document with a table – my very own Hot Spot Bingo board! I laminated it so I could write on it with a dry-erase marker, and when I find myself standing in the middle of a room turning in circles, I go take a look at my “Bingo” board, pick a square at random, and go check up on my chosen hot-spot. If I’m having a rough day I decide on little rewards for myself if I hit a certain number, or a big “prize” when I hit blackout at the end of the week (like a soak in the tub, or a piece of chocolate) so that I have a little something to look forward to when I’m done.

Turning it into a game takes away the indecision and the dread! Doing it with a timer makes the time fly right by! And I have yet to toss or re-home an item and regretted it – children are unpredictable, but they’re also adaptable. They don’t need much to be happy, and I’m learning that neither do I!


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Rainy Days Don’t Get Me Down

Dear Friends,

Rainy days used to get me down; not any more. When we have a rainy day in western North Carolina; complete with thunder and lightning. I turn on all my lights and my classical music to fill our spirit. My poor blue tick hound dog gets scared but as long as I am right by his side he can tolerate it.

What is it about just knowing someone is right beside you that is comforting. My dog occasionally will poke her nose under my hand and ask for a pat on the head to reassure him. We are like this. There is comfort in knowing there are people all over the world are doing the same thing you are; that others need help too. We are not alone is our rally cry.

There are a million of us who need that pat on the head. We have learned that when we take care of ourselves that our houses almost clean themselves. We started this all because we wanted a nice home to bless us. The pats on the back we received were from us. Then what happened. The family started to notice the changes going on in you and in their home.

We quit being a martyr and we let go of much of our perfectionism. Slowly the changes we made in ourselves began to reflect just like our kitchen sinks. Do you remember the joy you felt that first morning you walked into your kitchen and found your sink smiling back at you? This is what you do with your family. The stress of a messy cluttered chaotic home is slowly leaving and you are smiling more at your children. They are not walking on eggshells any longer. Your nerves are not stretched to the point of a breaking over a simple glass of spilled milk. You have realized that it doesn’t take that long to clean up. With a smile on your face and a chuckle in your heart at how you used to be; you hand your child a towel and you both work together to clean it up. No fuss, no muss, just love and laughter.

These new behaviors didn’t happen over night. They were gradual and because you took the time to establish your routines; you did not crash and burn. Over the years we have tried many systems only to beat ourselves up because we could not stick to them. The problem with a new system, is not with the system, it is with us. We try to do too much too fast and our little wing are not ready to hold us up. We have to take babysteps to change our thinking as well as constructive actions daily to reinforce our new simple habits. These babysteps will change your life if you will not allow your perfectionism to ruin it for you.FlyLady

Have you ever looked at my cartoon character? When the cartoonist was drawing her for the website; he asked me what I did for my ladies. I told him I was their biggest cheerleader. Sometimes I am a drill sergeant keeping time and bossing them around. Then there are other times that I have to scold you for not taking care of yourself; so you see that mommy finger shaking. I told him that when things start coming together in their home; they look at me as a fairy godmother; so he put wings on her. She has on her pearls and earrings, her shoes are laced up and she has a big smile on her face.

Just this weekend someone asked me if my cartoon was going to change
if I lost all the weight. I told her no, she would not change. All of us identify with her smiling face regardless of her size. There is a large percentage of our members who are dealing with weight issues and other health problems that go along with being overweight. When a new members comes to our door; I want her to realize that she is accepted just the way she is. Our little cartoon does that. She is cheering us on as we put stars on our calendar for moving and she tells us she is so proud of us.

We have not heard that often in our lifetimes. This is why I want you to FLY for you! Not for anyone else; just you. The others will be blessed later. You have sacrificed your whole life for everyone around you. You have given, when you had nothing to give and eventually you were left feeling empty. I am here to fill you up with your love and the encouragement that you can do this. You are not alone. We are in this together.

I am so proud of each of you for making real changes in your life. Even the smallest of changes are going to reflect to others and that shiny sink is going to be contagious to the rest of your home and your family! Now go shine your sink and remember that babysteps are the key to not crashing and burning. I want you to FLY!

From CHAOS to Clean in 2017,


Having you been living in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?
We are excited to share with you my thPrintird book, CHAOS to Clean in 31 Easy BabySteps. This book will help both our new FlyBabies, and our “not so new” FlyBabies (like those who are “jumping back in where we are”).

This is a PRE-ORDER. The book went to the printer yesterday! It is being printed locally and bound in Georgia. Our hopes are that we will have it in stock by March 15, 2017.

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Does a Feather Duster Really Work?

Dear FlyLady,

Didn’t you know that feather dusters only push the dust around. This is not good for people with allergies.

Flybaby S.

Dear Flybaby S.

This is not the case with our Feather Dusters. Chicken feathers push the dust around not ostrich feathers. It is the lack of not dusting that makes allergies act up. When you feather dust every day; you will never see dust again.


Dear FlyLady

Thanks , I did not know there was a difference. How do you clean the feathers and is it oil in the feathers that attract the dust?

FlyBaby S.

Dear FlyBaby S.,

It is the feather itself that collects all the dust. There are millions of little feathers on each plume. They collect the dust. It is not oil. I took this close-up picture of my duster.

We use baby shampoo to clean the duster about once a year. Every day when you dust. You go outside and shake out the dust. We call it blessing the world.

Here is a great testimonial to help you understand how it works.


Dusting Should Be Illegal

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a fairly new FlyBaby.  I ordered my feather duster a couple of weeks ago and just had to tell you that you’ve changed my attitude about dusting forever!

An old friend of mine and I had a saying, “Dusting should be illegal!”  Neither of us liked the activity much. I always put it off until my house was thick with dust.  Needless to say, when I did get around to dusting, it took forever and I’d end up sneezing and coughing afterwards.  I’ve always used a rag and furniture polish, that’s how I learned to do it.  After all, feather dusters just move the dust around, right?

Well, I thought I’d give your duster a try since my DH has some allergies and more frequent dusting really would be a blessing to him!  I waited impatiently for my package to come (which it did very quickly) and opened it right when the mailman dropped it on the porch.  It is so pretty and so luxurious!  I couldn’t resist trying it out right away.  I used it on my dresser which I had cleared off the last time we were in that zone.  I hadn’t dusted it yet.  I have to confess I was saving the dust to give my new duster an acid test.  I hadn’t dusted it in probably a year.   I figured it was my dresser, I didn’t have to dust it if I didn’t want to.  Well, the duster stood the test!  My dresser looks great.  And I had such fun that I went around the rest of the house too, in a surprisingly short amount of time!  Then my 4 yr old DS had a turn. We had a ball!

So now I have to say, Dusting should be illegal, it’s too much fun!

Thanks for the tool to make blessing my family fun.
FlyBaby in Staunton, VA

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