No More Running on Empty

Water BottleDear Friends,

Did you know that you can actually fill up your car before it hits empty and you are running around on fumes? We SHEs don’t usually do anything until we HAVE TO!

So you are driving to an appointment, work, or to pick up the children and notice that your fuel gauge is on the big “E” and you don’t have time to stop and get gas, because you are already running ten minutes late. Then your car starts sputtering and you run out of gas, in the middle of a busy road.

Look at what this does to you and your family!

1. At this moment, you are under tremendous stress and almost in tears. This is not good for your health.

2. If you are running late for work, your reputation of being tardy has been validated once again.

3. You have to make excuses. No one wants to hear the same tawdry reasons for you being late.

4. Your children are waiting for you to pick them up. This is not good.

5. Your appointment has to be canceled and reschedule, what a waste of the professional’s time and yours.

6. Now what about your safety issue? The traffic, and getting gas to get you moving again.

7. You are stranded in the middle of no where. What now!

8. You have to call an inconvenience, your husband or a friend to come and rescue you once again. What about the time they lose in their day, all because you didn’t fill up when you needed to.

9. Getting help cost money.

10.Your children are crying and you are at your wits end.

11. Then you start to cry. Are you sick and tired of living this way?

What can you do to stop this from happening ever again?

Most of your life, you have been running on empty.

Empty of mind(no time to think)

Empty of body(You don’t take care of yourself by eating good food)

Empty of spirit(you are depressed and feel martyred).

You run until you can no longer keep going. Does this sound familiar? Then you crash and burn, Get sick or literally run out of gas.

You will not believe what I am going to tell you. The answer to this problem is to fix this into your routine. Your Basic Weekly Plan!

1. When you notice the fuel gauge on half a tank, then start looking for moments of time when you are not rushed to fill up.

2. Figure out how often you need to fill up and set a specific time of the week to do just that.

3. I keep a spare twenty dollar bill in my car, so I will always have the cash on hand to fill up when I get a chance. When you use it, you have to replace it, the next time you have cash in hand.

4. I also like to fill up at pumps that let me use my credit card right at the pump. This keeps me from having to leave my vehicle, it also saves me time in the long run.

5. Connect filling up with car clean up. Every time you fill up, throw away your trash. Or every time you clean out and wash you car, you fill up. We have a car clean up challenge each Friday

If you will quit letting your fuel gauge steal your time, safety and sanity, you will begin to find a small amount of peace in your life. Think about those little bits of time that you can rescue if you just do a little planning. I know that this is foreign to SHEs, but we can learn. I was so proud of myself today. I filled up with a quarter of a tank left in my car. Try it sometime. It is so liberating.

Now to the problem of you running on Empty.

Take breaks, Drink your water, plan just a little, do your routines and get dressed to shoes every morning when you get up and go to bed at a decent hour.

I am Flying with a Full Tank! How about you?


I consider that always having plenty of gas in the car is just like having your shoes on. You are ready for anything. That means any time an emergency happens, you are prepared!

I have been setting my timer for 15 minutes all day long, to remind me to drink my water. My water bottle keeps me hydrated. 


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I Didn’t Teach Him How To Do It Right

Be Kind To YouDear FlyLady,

I want to thank you for my boyfriend.  Living alone  after my DD and DS had moved out to be on their own, I had become painfully aware of how disorganized I was and had started using your methods to get my house under some semblance of control.  Fast forward a couple years, I finally found a gentleman I wanted to bring to my apartment. I was rather proud and RELAXED to bring him home.  More over, HE was relaxed.  The date went really well and now we are seriously considering living together after nearly six months of dating.  One of the things he loves is how clean and organized my home is.  He is learning who FlyLady is and is following my lead when it comes to routines.

For example, when I was married and had my kids, I was so stuck on perfection that I was paralyzed to do anything, sending me in spiral of not doing anything and loathing myself.  Now, I just close my eyes and open my heart to the fact that I even got one thing done.  When my boyfriend was vacuuming, he did just the middles.  In the past I would I have had him move the furniture and get out the edge cleaning tools and…and…and.   I think by nature guys just “do the middles” so I didn’t have teach him to do it “right”.  I hugged him tight for it and was so happy he did it.  He said thank you. How wonderful our relationship is because of you!

I want to thank you for my boyfriend.  I want to thank you, for my boyfriend.

Clover in Colorado

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Will They Leave Streaks

Dear Flylady,

The only reason I use paper towels is because cloth leaves streaks on my windows and mirrors. Will the Purple Ragswork streak free??


Flying in CA

Dear Friends,

I love using our Purple Rags in a Bag. They do not leave streaks. We are always cleaning dirty dog paws off our doors. Here is a funny story about how we came up with the name.

We had a lot of fun naming our Purple Rags when we received a new tool for our FLY Shop! We tried to name this new tool for three days. Let me tell you what it is!

It is a package of 3 Microfiber shining cloths and they are FlyLady Purple! They are big too. I have used a microfiber cloth before and it was so little; 8 inch by 8 inches. This purple rag is 15 inches by 15 inches. As with all of our tools we strive to give you good value for your money.

They will sell for $10.49 and will help you go Purple (Less waste; More Fun). As we bounced names around, we began laughing at some of our ideas. When I looked at our other tools I saw an Office in a Bag and blurted out Rag in a Bag. Robert didn’t like that name because they are much nicer than the name “rag” implies. So we went back to the drawing board.

We kept coming back to Rag in a Bag. Then we starting thinking about the color and how we feel using them. Well here is the name:

Purple Rags in a Bag! That says it all!


Check out this cute video and see for yourself that they don’t leave streaks. They really clean with only water!

Dirty Doors!
Dirty Doors!

Purple Rags in a Bag


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I Did it for Me

FlyLady Ultimate TimerDear FlyLady,

I am a SAHM FlyMom with 3 kids (9,6,4) who has been fluttering for over 3 yrs. with your system.  I am nowhere close to perfect (and never will be), but I have come SO far in these many years.

Anyway, I have to tell you about a recent phenomenon.   My in-laws came to stay with us for 4 nights.  Although I was happy to see them and to give up
our bed for them, I was not looking forward to the disruption to my routines.  I did my weekly blessing and some decluttering every day until they came.  However, I still saw stuff everywhere and felt overwhelmed by it all.  The martyr in me was whining “No one is helping me”, “I am doing the best I can with everything else on my plate”…etc.

Two days after they left, my oldest DS was going off to sleepover with a classmate.  My Mom took the younger kids to sleepover at her house.  I did
MORE in the hour before I went to drop off the kids than in the “four days of preparation” for my in-laws.  I wandered around the house with a bin and got all the small toys and dumped them in the toy box, went under all the kid’s beds and got all the toys and clothes.  I vacuumed the upstairs including under the kid’s beds.

I realized later it was because I did it FOR MYSELF.  I wanted to relax and have a super long date night with DH.  I did not want to spend my free time
a) cleaning or b) feeling guilty.  Notice what the right motivation (FOR ME)
and a deadline (A TIMER) can do.  You have to do this stuff for yourself and
the rest of it will happen naturally.

Thank you FlyLady and all the wonderful crew.  You have changed my life and I tell my kids “Everyone makes mistakes”, “It doesn’t have to be perfect”
all the time.  What a great legacy!!

ATL area FLyBaby

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Make Your Home a Vacation Get Away

Dear Friends,

What is it about going on vacation that makes it worth all the preparation and hassle? Is it getting away from the phone? I don’t think so; most of us have our personal cell phones. Is it getting to seeing new places? Maybe but many of us usually want to go back to old familiar areas. Is it the food? It could be, or is the fact that cooking is not hard in an efficient clean kitchen.

How about the people? They are usually the same ones you have at home. So what is it about being in a different place with the same people? Could it be that the surroundings do not choke you!

Hotel rooms are sparse: Two beds, a desk, one bathroom, a night table, one small closet, a little dining table and maybe a little refrigerator. Hey I am leaving the Television and video games out. Ignore them. Let’s say you rent a condo at the beach. It has a small kitchen, two to three bedrooms, a living area, a balcony, a couple of bathrooms and empty closets. The same thing for a house at the lake or a cabin in the woods; they have all the conveniences of home without ALL YOUR CLUTTER!!!

Oh it’s not clutter, it is your stuff, I can hear you yelling at me. Well your stuff makes you feel like you need to leave home to breathe. So what does that tell you? Your stuff is killing you. You are uneasy in your own home. Another word for uneasy is disease. Get it?? Your house has become a storage unit for your stuff, not a home.

This is why it feels so good to walk into a sparsely decorated room. The space frees you to breathe without you feeling closed in.

How do we get this vacation feeling in our cluttered homes? By evicting Clutter and Just-in-Case forever! These things have chased you away from your home. They have taken over your residence. They are squatters and it is time to take back your home and make it your sanctuary instead of a storage unit.

Start by Crisis Cleaning: we are attacking the surface clutter that is residing in our favorite hotspots. Spend 15 minutes in the Kitchen, then 15 in the living room and then 15 in the bathroom. Then you get to rest for 15 minutes. Don’t skip this step! It is the most important one.

I promise those few minutes are going to make a difference if you will get up and do it, instead of whining that 15 minutes is not enough time. The clutter will be out of sight and you will start to say to yourself that this doesn’t look half bad; even if the floors are dirty. Clutter is what makes your home look awful.

Oh you still don’t believe me; then do an experiment. Clear off your coffee table. I mean move everything off into a box and just stand back and look at it. How do you feel? The clean and clear is contagious. Now go put away, give away or throw away everything that is in that box.

You deserve to have a home that gives you a beautiful clean feeling. You can get that vacation get-away by taking babysteps to eliminate your clutter. Set your timer and allow that beautiful clean to put a smile on your face!

That beautiful clean is waiting for you!


We have a funny Youtube Video to help you tackle those hotspots.

FlyLady TV - Hot Spots Make our Homes Messy
FlyLady TV – Hot Spots Make our Homes Messy
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Why FLY?

FlyLadyDear FlyLady,

Today I ask myself why I fly? Why I clean my house? Why do I want to get organized?

It is not because I’m guilty of unfinished housework.  It is not for fun because I really did not mind having a cluttered home.

Now I got the reasons! They help me feel more motivated to fly.

Here are my reasons:

-I want to fly because I want my child to live in a healthy and happy household.

-I want to fly because I love checking off items on my routines.

-I love flying because my husband loves with what I do with our home.

-I love flying because my life is 100x better than before!

-I am happier, calmer and get lots of compliments at my home, my look

and family.

Thank you FlyLady! I love you very much!

FlyBaby J.


Dear FlyBaby J,

I am so proud of you! I started shining my sink because my Sweet Darling asked me to keep one side of our sink open. The reasons I keep shining my sink have more to do with me being happier!

For the rest of you, I would love to know Why you FLY and what you get out of FLYing! Send your list to me with WHY FLY in the subject line.

I love you all too!


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FLYing Together

Dear FlyLady,

I am an 18 year old Homeschooler who is about to graduate in August. I love being a FlyBaby!!!

My DM (Dear Mom), who is a single parent that Homeschooled Me and my two older siblings, started trying to FLY in 1999, but with Fibromyalgia she has hit quite a few speed bumps. I love my DM very much and seeing that your system works for so many others, I decided to try and help her FLY.

Last Christmas, my 27 yr old DS (dear Sister) and I saved up and got her the control journal, CD,  Body clutter book timer, and the  towels. She loved everything, but even with all that, I could tell she was still struggling, (fatigue and chronic pain really get to her).

Here I come, FlyBaby Em…. I kicked my franny into gear and rose to the challenge! I’ve been using the timer like a crazy lady and the CD is what keeps me going.  I have a lot of difficulty waking up to an alarm in the morning ( I roll over turn it off and instantly fall back asleep ) so I put the CD in my CD player and put the remote on top of my alarm clock. When my alarm goes off, I now roll over, turn it off, click my CD player on and put it on track 3 ( my fav’s are # 2 & 3, although I love them all ). That CD has helped me to establish waking up at 9a on days I’m off and 6a on days I have to work!

Now, instead of getting up as late as 2 or 3p on days I’m off, I get up at 9a,make my bed, use the bathroom ( brush teeth, wash face, swish and swipe ), feed my kitten, get dressed ALL THE WAY TO MY SHOES!! I put out hot spots in the Kitchen & living room ( as well as do my chores ), make breakfast/coffee, check my reminder’s while I’m eating, clean up from breakfast, tackle my schoolwork ( three-15 minute blocks per subject!! ), clean up the zone & do a little decluttering.

Then I have the rest of the day to be as flexible as I love to be!!! I’m still trying to get my DS (dear Sister) to FLY, but I think that if I keep FLYing, she will hopefully follow.  Since I’ve been establishing my routines, my Mom has been a lot less stressed out and is able to have more *me time*….. We glide through zones together. She say’s I’m cute when I get into my “clean the zone” mood, lol, no whining here!!
Finally Love Yourself 02
I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for helping me, help my mom FLY and also, helping me to overcome the fear of turning 18 by giving me the confidence to take charge in cleaning and cooking, with a positive attitude.  I am really looking forward to having my own house and family when I get older and it’s not so intimidating now! Thanks again and again and again, lol…. I LOVE TO FLY!!!!!!!

FlyBaby in VA

P. S. I’m a Dance Teacher/Choreographer that teaches Creative Movement, Artistic Development, Classical Ballet, Theatre Dance, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Ballroom and Lyrical. I have adapted “15 minutes” into my classes! It works sooo well! Thank you for turning not only my life around, but also my career!


FlyLady Here: Can we agree that this is a Purple Puddle Moment?  The love in this young girl and her family is so beautiful and pure.  What a family!  I am so proud of these strong and courageous women!  They are truly FLYing!!!

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It’s Anti-Procrastination Day

Dryer Lint KitDear Friends,

Today is Anti-Procrastination Day! What have you been putting off?

How many times a day do you allow your perfectionism to paralyze you! You know exactly what I am talking about. You hear that nasty little voice in your head all the time. I don’t have time right now. YOU DON’T HAVE TIME FOR WHAT? To do it RIGHT! To do it like your momma did!

We are not good judges of time! In our heads we think emptying the dishwasher will take hours when it only takes 3 minutes!

Our perfectionism/procrastination also hurts us in other ways. We keep putting off going to the doctor because we don’t have time! We don’t place an order for something we know will help us and then all of a sudden it is gone and we start to beat ourselves up over our procrastination again.

I live by the Do it Now Principle! When something needs to be done and if it is not done then you will feel bad; this is when I do it! Think about putting a fresh roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. We only think of it when we are in there. Guess who usually gets left with an empty roll. YOU! Your procrastination has hurt you again.

Our minds are going 90 miles an hour. We can think of more things to do in 5 minutes than we can do in a lifetime. Let’s channel some of that power into action by Doing It Now. When you find yourself using this principle more often you are going to surprise yourself! This is not getting sidetracked! It is staying focused and accomplishing something so we don’t have to beat ourselves up later!

Have you been putting something off? One day soon we will run out of our calendars and there you will be begging for one and beating yourself up because of your procrastination. You do have time; if you will just do what needs to be done and don’t put it off another day! Just think, this will put an end to those nasty voices in your head!

There are many of you who are procrastinating about shining your sink! This is the habit that changed my life! Please give it a try! It won’t take that long! I know you think I am crazy when your house is a mess and you have a to do list longer than your arm and I am telling you to shine your sink. Apply the Do It Now principle and see how good you will feel! Send me an email and tell me what you accomplished today in honor of Anti-Procrastination Day! It can something small or big, it does not matter! Don’t let perfectionism
get in the way of Do It Now!


What have you been putting off? Cleaning your lint from your dryer vent? Don’t wait another day! Cleaning it will make your dryer run more efficiently. Go find your Dryer Lint Kit that you ordered months ago and use it.

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Where Do You Store Your Rubba Swisha

Dear FlyLady,

Where do you store the Rubba Swisha? I have toilet brushes that sit in a stand…don’t know what I’d do with a dripping, dirty toilet brush. I have both theRubba Sweepa and the original Rubba Scrubba and love them both.

FlyBaby A


My Dear Friends,

Swishing and swiping is one of our foundation habits that keep our bathrooms always company ready. We love to see things in pairs; Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cake and Ice Cream, Ham and Eggs, Jack and Jill, and Swish and Swipe!

We already have a great pair for our Swish and Swipe; our Purple Rags in a Bag and our purple Rubba Swisha. As for a holder to put it in, we decided against it. We all have clutter hanging around that will keep your brush from dripping on the floor. In 5 minutes, I ran through my house and found 7 or 8 things that would hold the Rubba Swisha.

For many years I have suggested that an efficient way to keep your toilet clean is to get a vase from underneath your sink and place your toilet bowl brush in that. I also recommended to keep a solution of one part shampoo, bubble bath, soap, or body wash that you don’t like in the container with one part water. This is just enough soap to give your toilet a good swish. It is the act of swishing that keeps stuff from growing in there.

Now let me ask you this question. Why would we want to add to the weight of shipping this great tool, not to mention the price of it? For $6.95 you get a great tool and don’t have to purchase more clutter. You also get to recycle something that has been gathering dust (your old vase from under the sink).
Swish and Swipe Package
For years I have used a crock that you put your kitchen utensils in. This holds just enough soapy water to cover the brush. The soapy solution will not allow mold to grow in the container.

In my 5 minute search, I found a flower pot with no hole in the bottom, a fish bowl, another utensil holder, an empty sugar container, Clorox Wipe container, a piece of pottery and a beautiful vase my sister gave me for Christmas. I’ll bet you can find many more things than that. My son said his old holder fit the newRubba Swisha.

So let go of your paired perfectionism and go green in a purple kind of way! Find something hiding in your clutter to turn into your Rubba Swisha holder. You are creative! Check under your kitchen sink!


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Where Are My Daily Reminders and Zone Missions

launchpadDear FlyLady,

I used to get daily reminders of which part of a room to do that day. I don’t seem to be getting them that way now. How can I get these daily reminders?



Dear Judy,

You are talking about our daily Zone Missions. We do send them out every day and they are in our daily Flight Plan. They go out the night before.

They are also posted in our Sneak Peek for the Week that goes out each Sunday.

The Daily Flight Plan also has all our reminders in it.

I hope this helps you!


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