It Feels Awesome

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been a FlyLady reader for awhile, but never seem to get started completing the tasks. This morning I told myself to take 15 minutes and do something. I just completed my Stash and Dash for this morning (Tuesday, July 15th), and wanted to write and say “thank you” for giving me the nudge I needed to finally tackle something.We have a floor to ceiling cupboard (like a pantry) in our bathroom. I cleaned out just the top shelf this morning, pulling out everything and putting back only what we use. I don’t think I’ve cleaned it out since we moved into this house nine years ago.When I was done, I’d filled a whole trash bag with half bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body washes that I’ve tried and didn’t care for, including some $50.00 salon shampoos. Wow! What a huge waste of money! I have to be honest, I had a hard time throwing all those bottles away.Now all that’s left on the shelf is rolls of toilet paper and extra bars of soap. It feels great to open the cupboard, have it organized and know exactly what’s on that shelf.Thank you for setting small, achievable goals and continuing to encourage us to jump in where we are. I’m a total perfectionist who won’t start anything unless I can do it perfectly.I’ve taken a Baby Step, and it feels awesome! Thanks again!

FlyBaby in MN


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BabySteps to Clean Clothes

Dear Friends,

It’s that time again. I am walking my way to the moon. When I was 12  years old, I watched Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. We all watched in amazement as he said those famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

It seems that babysteps are a part of everyone’s vocabulary and way of life. The engineers and mathematicians understood them for the flight to the moon and even babies have the instincts to use them as they teach themselves to walk. We are not born with the all or nothing attitude that paralyzes us into procrastinating. Somehow over our lifetimes we develop this negative way of thinking. I like to call it stinking thinking.

Laundry is a big problem for most of us. It is because we see it as a huge mountain, which it probably is since we put it off until everyone is out of clothes. I see laundry as a 5 step process; sort, wash, dry, fold and put away. As SHEs we want everything done at once, but this isn’t going to happen unless you wag it all to the laundry mat and spend the day there. Now if you do have that mountain of laundry and you can afford to spend the money and time, then the laundry mat is a good idea. Just being there will help keep you focused on doing the laundry.

I have only one place to keep my dirty clothes. I don’t make piles on chairs or on exercise equipment either. I use a declutter kit as my laundry sorter; it stays in my bathtub. That is where I remove my dirty clothing each evening. As I take off my clothes; I sort them into the appropriate bin.

Robert does his own laundry. There are two laundry baskets in the bottom of our closet, one is dark colored for dark clothes and the other is light colored for whites and light colored clothes. When a basket gets full; he does a load. This usually works out to two or three loads a week.

Taking babysteps with your laundry is the way to keep it from becoming that mountain that won’t go away. Even though we are good at making mountains of out of mole hills we can learn to turn those overwhelming piles of laundry into put away clothes by not trying to do too much at one time and just take those babysteps as we establish a simple routine for just doing it. One load a day; keeps Mount Washmore at bay.

Are you ready to FLY without crashing into a mountain of dirty clothes?


We want to see how you have decorated your laundry room. Please send us your picture of your beautiful Laundry Room to with LAUNDRY ROOM in the subject line.



The Purple Rag BOGO is so popular! You put one pack in your shopping cart and you will get two packs.

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Writing In My Dust

Dear FlyLady,

 For most of my life my motto has been, “Sure, you can write in my dust but please don’t date it”. 

Now, with FlyLady Zones and tools (feather duster and purple rags) I have learned to enjoy dusting my home. 

I even dust at my daughter’s house while watching my grandsons after school. A couple of weeks ago the 8 year old told his grandfather, “I think dusting is Grandma’s favorite thing to do”  This would never have happened before FlyLady. In fact, dusting only happened when the furniture changed from “brown” to white from the layer of dust. 

Thank you FlyLady.   
Flying in Moline



FlyLady here: I like to fling the dust and see the shiny surfaces!



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Why is Wearing Shoes so Hard?

Dear FlyLady,

Why do SHE’s have such a hard time getting dressed to lace-up shoes? I haven’t been working for you very long, but this habit and this babystep are the HARDEST for them from what I’ve observed.

FlyBaby N


I was on Facebook one afternoon when a Flybaby asked me this question. I told her that I thought it was because for half of our FlyBabies, they don’t feel like there is any need to get dressed because they are not going any place and the only people who will see them are their children.

Then I asked her, “What do you think the answer is?”

She said, “Well, I think it’s our inner brat. It seems like everything really is kind of difficult, but we see results right away, being told to put our shoes on doesn’t show quite the ‘super fast’ result. It takes about a week to realize the benefits, I think, it did me, so our inner brat is like, hey I can do all the other stuff why do I need shoes! So let me hold onto one thing I am in control of. Shoes EMPOWER US! They did me!”

I agree with her. We rebel because we don’t like being told what do to. This being said, we didn’t force anyone to join our group. We show you what has worked for us and hundreds of thousands of others. If you are rebelling lacing up your shoes then take the challenge to try it for one week. Wearing shoes is about being kind to you and your feet!

As for those of you who refuse to wear shoes in your home and require everyone to remove their shoes when they come into your home, I want you to get or clean-up a pair of shoes that you just wear in your home. Do not go outside with them. They are just to wear inside.

Shoes tell our head it is time to do something. They keep us from making excuses. We tell you to tie your shoes to your feet so you won’t lose them.

Getting dressed to Lace-up shoes is going to change your life! Just step out in faith for once in your life; you may be pleasantly surprised! Your feet are going to become soft and beautiful. You will not believe the difference wearing your shoes is going to make.

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No More Late Inspections

2017 calendarDear FlyLady,

My new FlyLady Calendar just came in the mail a few days ago. I know the school events calendar for next year will be coming soon along with the class schedules. I love that everything for the kids fits in the squares.

One thing I do might help others.

Our family has 4 cars (for the 4 of us!) and I could never remember whose car needed to be inspected when, or when each needed to be re-registered. And not having that information one year cost me a ticket for missing an inspection!

So I went through the registration forms and inspection stickers for each car and wrote the information on my FlyLady calendar (eg., “Van registration; Saturn inspection” went on the notes spot for July.)

I just transfer it from one year’s calendar to the next …… and we’ve had no more tickets!

Thanks for all you and the crew do.

FlyBaby Judith in Pennsylvania 


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It Is Helpful

Dear FlyLady,

This book turned out to be such a surprise for me. I’d read reviews on Amazon and some of them were so negative that I didn’t want to buy the book. I borrowed it for my Kindle using my Amazon Prime. I ended up listening to it on my Kindle in the car while I was driving back and forth from my daughter’s house. I’d spent a number of weeks there this summer after she was in a car accident, and I think getting out of my own house actually helped me see the problem that my house had become.

I think the best thing I learned from the book was the power of habits and the importance of really doing this a little bit at a time. Everytime I’d tried to do Pam and Peggy, every time I’d tried to do FlyLady I ended up crashing and burning because I tried to do too much at once.

I’ve been Flying for over two months now. I still don’t have many new habits: shiny sink, swish and swipe, make the bed, get dressed, do a load a day all the way to fold and put away, and oh yeah. Declutter. That’s the other thing I learned, you really can’t organize clutter. As I’ve cleared out drawers and cupboards and pared them down to what really needs to be there I’m finding such freedom. It’s freedom to be able to get dressed for church in a few minutes instead of having to spend time looking for underwear, panty hose without runs, and a shirt without wrinkles. It’s freedom to be able to unload the dishwasher quickly because the cupboards have room to put things in them. It’s freedom to be able to put all the clothes away because there’s space in the drawer and room on the clothes rack.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that Hidden Treasures is great literature (I have a BA in English, I’m a lit snob), but it is helpful in portraying the way that the whole FlyLady system really works. Sink Reflections is great, but Hidden Treasures fleshes the whole thing out in a way that nothing else had ever done for me.

I don’t know, maybe it was just the right resource at the right time. All I know is that I would no longer be embarassed to have someone come to my door and go through the main part of the house. I’d even be willing to let someone in my bedroom. There are still dungeons I’m cleaning out I(I took two bags of trash out of a closet today), but what I know now is that it’s not an impossible job. It just has to be tackled one bit at a time. My mess was bigger than the mess in Hidden Treasures because we’d been letting it build up for a lot more years.

I love the ultimate message of the book, that once you get the clutter gone and the routines in place you’re free to do the other things you want to do. You can do them without the guilty feeling that there’s cleaning that needs to be done, a messy house that can’t welcome people, and that you’re simply avoiding it with your busy life. Instead you can do them and still go home to a shiny sink, a made bed, a cleared off dining room table. Hidden Treasures real message is that Flying is freedom. You can use the tools from the Flyshop or use what you already have, because it isn’t the tools that free you, it’s the habits.

FlyBaby Liz


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Lost Then Found

Dear FlyLady,

I have had a water bottle for some time now. I thought it was lost and just had to reorder! Well I reordered and then found my original bottle.

We have a granddaughter who just started a new job and borrowed her mother’s FlyLady water bottle. She raved about the bottle and I gave her one of mine. I saw her yesterday and she had to tell me again how great the FlyLady water bottle is.

Thank you for providing us with such great products and making us happy.

A happy FlyBaby 







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I Saw The Shiny Light

  Dear FLYing Friends,

I have a complaint about the purple rags. They work so well that I can’t stop trying them on my toughest cleaning jobs. These rags are way too distracting. Lol.

I have a light in my kitchen. It is a glass disc style.  It is a beautiful light, but it gets covered in sticky, greasy, cooking dust/film. Usually, when I’d clean it (only if company was coming or twice a year–whichever came first) I’d end up using half a roll of paper towels and half a bottle of window cleaner. I would work on it for 20 minutes and it would still have streaks and smudges.

With skepticism in my mind and a wet purple rag in my hand I climbed the step stool to test the rag out. I could not believe my eyes. In less than 5 minutes the light was perfectly clean. I yelled for my husband.  He didn’t believe it either. He actually smelled the rag to see what cleaner I was using. (I had pawned the job off on him once or twice and he knows it is impossibly frustrating.). “Nothing but water,” I said in complete awe. That second I was sold and so was he.

Now, I can’t stop looking at my beautiful light–so distracting. And, I can’t stop trying the rags on my toughest cleaning jobs like my tub surrounds, or my walls and woodwork that have smoke stains from those fancy scented candles.   These new challenges are also distracting–fun–but distracting.

These rags are magic. Thanks for such an amazing tool.

Fledgling Snowbird from Ohio


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July Habit #29 A Revelation

Dear FlyLady,

Since this month’s habit is the Swish and Swipe, I see at the end of each Swish & Swipe testimonial your request for our stories and tips. So I thought I would impart to you a cute story about my daily Swish and Swipe, and a revelation I had about it this month…

I always see how your followers are called “FlyBabies”, but did you know that you have “FlyKitties”? We are a US Navy Family, stationed in Japan. Because my husband is underway rather often, and works long hours when he is home, I spend a lot of time alone with our Furry Children (currently 3 cats).

Early this past January, my husband brought home a 3-month old Maine Coon kitten as a play mate for our 5-year old cat, Calamity, who was becoming obese due to lack of activity. I found your wonderful site at the first of February, and began my early attempts at fluttering. The kitten, who we had named Luna Grace, developed an affinity for the bathroom, especially the toilet. Calamity would always ask for “fountain drinks” (running water from the tub faucet) when we would go into the bathroom for any reason. So now I would find myself tripping over two kitties racing me to the bathroom!

Well, when I began the BabyStep of Swishing and Swiping, I had extra “help”!! Calamity would demand her “fountain drinks” while Luna Grace would wrap herself around the toilet bowl and “point out” the spots I missed (hadn’t swiped yet) with her paw! It didn’t take long that she recognized the sound of the toilet brush being taken out of it’s container and would come running to “help” Swish & Swipe!! Even if I was just shifting it because it had gotten moved, she’d come barreling through the house from wherever she was!! Fast forward to about mid May…

We became blessed by a delicate new life…a tiny kitten, barely two-weeks old, had been found by the workers on our housing base, starved, and no mother. When attempts to contact Vet and Animal Services were unsuccessful, a friend working in the main office, who knew I had a lot of experience with animals, called me to ask for help. So I took the kitten in and began to feed her a milk-substitute with a syringe (she was too small for a bottle). Our attempts to get Veterinary, or Animal Services to take the kitten were also unsuccessful, as were our efforts to find her a home when she was trained and old enough to be adopted. So that’s how we came to have Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat or Fortune Cat in Japanese). I’ll admit, that I wasn’t always per@#%^ about doing my Swish and Swipe every day.

But since it was the habit for July, I made an extra effort. But I quickly discovered part of the problem was that Swishing & Swiping first thing in the morning, like you tell us, doesn’t work for us. I am so glad your system allows for flexibility, because our family dynamic doesn’t always flow with the FlyLady System. Only being able to adjust the system to our family and household allows us to Fly!!

So instead of giving up, I tweaked it, playing with options until I found one that worked! First, I tried doing it while my husband was in the shower, then cooked his breakfast while he dressed. Well, after he left for work and I returned upstairs, I discovered the bathroom was a mess! You really couldn’t tell I had Swished & Swiped at all! But instead of giving up or martyring myself, I tried another option. Take two had me doing it after he left. But that didn’t work, because of my morning routine. When I get up, I get dressed to lace up shoes by putting on my workout gear. Then as soon as he leaves, I do my workout. Then I clean up, dress, fix my face and hair. And realized, the sink and mirror needed swiping again.

Hmmm….this had me doing it twice within an hour… So now, I do it after I get cleaned up and ready for my day AFTER my workout! This works great, my bathroom is clean and company ready and makes me smile all day every time I go in! Of course, I’ve had lots of “help” from Calamity, Luna Grace and Maneki Neko in figuring out a Swish and Swipe schedule that fits our routines! Now, Maneki Neko “helps” Luna Grace make sure I don’t miss any spots while Swishing and Swiping the toilet as well as the floor around it and the bathroom scale beside it!

And then came the revelation one day… If nothing blesses you than having a clean toilet when you need it, then why can’t the same be for my girls’ litter box? Normally, we’d only need to clean the litter box twice a week, on trash days. So now, we have the daily “Scoop, Swish and Swipe”!! And my FlyKitties “help” with that too!! After I’m done with my hair and make-up, I shake out the bathroom rugs and do a quick sweep. Then I pull out their litter box and scoop out all the clumps and put them in the trash. During which, I have all three of them milling around, “investigating” the litter box lid and the cubbie where the box lives. When I’m done, I put the lid back on and slide the box back into the cubbie. While I sweep up, wash my hands and begin to Swipe the sink and counter, the girls take turns “christening” the clean new box!! Then it’s time to Swish the toilet, Calamity is drinking her “fountain drinks”, and Luna Grace and Maneki Neko are in position, ready to “help” with the toilet! So my Furry Girls bless me by helping me Swish and Swipe, and I bless them by giving them a clean “toilet” to use every day!

It only takes a few minutes to do this extra step (the time is negligible), but it is so worth it! It makes them happy to have a clean box, and it makes me happy to do it for them! Besides, I’m always entertained watching them lining up to see who gets to use the clean box first!! Thank you so much for giving us the tools and insight to find ways to make blessing our family easy and fun!

Fluttering Fly Cat and the Fly Kitties Calamity, Luna Grace and Maneki Neko

P.S. The girls also “help” with decluttering, FlyLady emails, and even the WHB!! But that’s another story…

FlyLady here: Our  July habit  is to Swish and Swipe your bathroom everyday.

Have you ever been embarrassed when someone asked to use your bathroom?  Have you ever put off allowing a repair person into your bathroom? Have your dear children watched you clean the bathroom and you have then caught them swishing out the toilet?
We want to hear your stories or tips on the benefits of Swishing and Swiping everyday.

Send your stories or tips to with Swish and Swipe in the subject line.

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We Came Up With A Solution

  Dear FlyLady,

I wrote you last month, I was a stay at home mom of 3 thankful for your systems when my husband had surgery. I went back to work full time 2 weeks after my husbands surgery and he is now temporarily a stay home dad. This role change has made us appreciate each other a little more.

The issue we have come across has been the routines. He has felt like me leaving him a list of things to be done have been commands, and then when he asks me, I am at work so I just have said “I don’t know, I’ll do it when I get home!” (Not in a mean tone, but nicely!) This has made him feel not needed.

So, thanks to you, we have a solution. I have began creating my control journal, and he uses it! I tell him that I only spend 15 minutes in the current zone, so do whatever tasks you want in the zone list and only spend 15 minutes! This allows him to still be needed, help our household, and frees my mind of clutter because I don’t have to think about it. He just a asks me what zone we are in this week, and that’s it! The tasks get done! And HE is blessing our home!

I also have downloaded and printed the student control journal for my kids, and they are doing things without being asked! They have their list, and are taking babysteps, and even though it says parents keep out on the front, they ask for help and I help them and that is he end of that!

My middle “rebel” child (DS age 6!) is loving it because it gives him his own responsibilities and makes him feel very grown up. He functions better when he feels in charge.

I just ordered your feather duster, and I absolutely love it!! I came home from work after a long day and dusted our home, and my husband said “that looks easy, I can do that too!”

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!




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