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Big Enough for Our Homeschooling Family

I know you must get countless testimonials on the calendar, but I had to chip in my two cents worth.

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Homeschool FLYing Made Easy by Melanie Wilson

I had researched homeschooling and prayed about it and even though I wasn’t sure I could do it, I decided to try it. My oldest was just a preschooler. How hard could it be? I thought. Turns out it was … Continue reading

Homeschool Manager Free Trial

Have you taken a few minutes to check out this great tool to help you with your homeschool record keeping.

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Why Don’t You Write a Book about Homeschooling?

Why don’t you write a book about homeschooling

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Homeschool Manager

Dear Friends, In Cincinnati while we were packing up our booth and waiting for the guys to arrive with the trucks. I was sitting on a box and was exhausted. A precious young lady, Elizabeth came up to me and … Continue reading

Homeschool Control Journals

Homeschool TEACHER Control Journal Homeschool STUDENT Control Journal  

Homeschool Testimonials

If you are a Homeschooling Parent and have used the FlyLady System to organize your home and school, we want to see your testimonial. Send it to FlyLady@flylady.net with HOMESCHOOL TESTIMONIAL in the subject line. Other Homeschooling families could use … Continue reading

Two Generations of Homeschool FlyBabies

Marla, you were my homeschool study skills tutor in high school, and ten years later you are the very same so I can teach my babies.

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FlyLady Resource Library for Homeschoolers

Welcome, Homeschoolers! The FlyLady is a homeschool Grandmother and she loves homeschoolers. She wants to help you get rid of the CHAOS in your homes. Don’t know what CHAOS means? It stands for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. She wants … Continue reading

Radio Show: Homeschooling and Home Organization

We are playing a speech I did in Richmond with Tami Fox. The speech was about Homeschooling and Home Organization; You can have both.

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