Back to Basics Mission #07 Time to Get Dressed

BACK TO BASICS! Mission #7 Time to Get Dressed!

Dear Friends,

The most powerful thing we can do to keep motivated is to get dressed when you first get up in the morning. If you are already dressed today then save this one for tomorrow morning.

Getting dressed means all the way to lace up shoes!

Put on your clothes
Fix your hair
Moisturize or put on your make-up
Lace up your shoes!

After you do this, send me an email or post your picture on Facebook.

Send to with I AM READY FOR ANYTHING! In the subject line. Please send a picture of yourself or of your shoes!

With your shoes on your feet; you are ready for anything!


If you are not on Facebook then go sign up. We love Facebook. It is like a newspaper with headlines of all your friends and family.

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