Body Clutter: One Bubble at a Time

Dear Flylady and Leanne;

Wow! I can’t believe your timing! I had gotten away from using the Investigator forms for a while; I think I just didn’t want to have to face my bad habits, and if I didn’t write them down and nobody saw what I was eating, it was pretty easy to forget… until they showed up on the scale in the morning and in my jeans! A while ago I recommitted to using the Investigator, trying to fill in all the bubbles (don’t we love that?), and making sure I move everyday. I’m using the elliptical everyday, and in the spirit of “making it fun,” I bought an inexpensive walkman-type CD player; I listen only to music I love, and this has become an enjoyable break in my day (even if I do huff and puff and “glisten” 😉 ) By using the Investigator, I’ve seen a definite pattern. Mid-afternoon is a dangerous time for me, and any time spent in front of the TV seems to initiate a junk food feeding frenzy; it’s the only time of the day that I’m out of control. So, I’m making sure I have healthy snacks planned for mid-afternoon and while watching my favorite programs in the evenings; I like celery with a little peanut butter in the afternoon because it gives me a little energy boost, and I’m developing a taste for raw carrots while watching TV.

The Investigator is such a valuable tool for me because DH works nights and I’m alone at dinnertime; I have a tendency to just graze, but when using the Investigator, I will make sure I eat a real dinner just so I can fill in that dinner bubble!

When I read your email about “knowledge is power” and being a CSI, it was like you were watching over my shoulder! I’ve been a FlyBaby for close to five years now, and I just can’t thank you enough for all you do; you’ve enriched my life (and my family’s) in so many ways! Facing my body clutter one bubble at a time…

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