Body Clutter: Temporary Fixes to Life’s Discomforts

Dear FlyLady,

Hey, I have written a few times, but I realized when I was done sending, my testimonials were such downers!

Well, today is a new day full of promises. I realized that for my 55 years, I really can do what I want! I love quilting, but I said to myself, “Get real!” How many quilts can you possibly make in your lifetime!

I am not artistic by nature; I am an accountant. But I love colors, and I love books. That is my real clutter! I have so much material and so many books on how to quilt, design a quilt, sew a quilt, etc. I know my DH knows that I am always spending (he has always left it up to me), but really it is for temporary comfort. I end up not even looking at those “how to” books for years. Well, every weekend I think to myself, “I gotta go into my craft room and quilt… or knit,” “I have to work on this project, or that project.” Like homework! Such a noose around my neck!

I took your advice about decluttering a lot of things a few months ago, and I haven’t missed any of it! I had given away a lot of books, yarn, and other crafts… but now is the time to really get serious! It is holding me back with my life. I realize that buying and eating have a lot in common. They are temporary fixes to life’s discomforts. I realize that I wouldn’t have all my extra pounds or credit card debt if I had realized this earlier.

I recently got serious about my weight. My back started to hurt again and my knees. I somehow always stop on my “diet” at a 35-pound weight loss. I never seemed to be able to see myself back when I was in college — very thin! It is important to just “live your life the healthy way” and not go crazy with how long “it” is going to take to lose the pounds.

I know that I want to live a life where I feel good and able to do things I would like to do instead of just watch! I started to walk on my treadmill just 20 minutes a day. It has been said that it will change your life to exercise, but I didn’t want to give up the time… because I wanted to use the extra time on my hobbies. Well, the feeling that you get in your head when you exercise and your body is terrific. It wakes all of your senses up! It doesn’t feel like homework!

Thank you for your Body Clutter book. It has made me realize some of my stinking thinking that I have had for 30 years now. I can only change myself! If I can change myself then I can project energy, follow-through, self-control, and the like to all around me. In other words, if someone asks for my advice and help, then I will project the image that what I say does have meaning. If I look like I don’t have a good self worth, then people will view me that way! Nothing can stop me now!

So, I say, if it is in your way of being free and yourself… get rid of it now!

Thank you for all you do.
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