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How do you know if a certain fashion or trend is age appropriate–or not? It can be really hard to know since the “rules” are no longer so clearly drawn.

With more and more women wanting to look stylish–no matter their age some type of guidelines are needed. One of the fastest ways to look up-to-date is to scrutinize your current wardrobe and remove the dated styles (like tapered pants with pleats)! Purge them because they date you and won’t help you look age appropriate at all.

It’s certainly more difficult to decide what’s appropriate-but on the flip side—this means there are more options!  What you wear is a matter of personal choice; however you still need to be careful not to dress too young or trendy—or you will look like you are trying too hard. A majority of women surveyed say they do not want to dress like their sixteen-year-old and they know they shouldn’t–thank goodness!

Women should always wear clothes they like, and feel confident in. Confidence in what flatters your body type goes a long way in making you feel good in the skin you are in!

So, where’s the stylish middle ground between dressing too young and looking matronly? It would be much better to be mistaken for someone 10 years younger! Wouldn’t it? You may be 58, but there’s no need to dress like a traditional grandmother of the past. You want to look as good as you feel and the right styles will express how good you feel.

Let’s examine ourselves, our style and our closet with the tips below. This will help you negotiate the trends in the stores and still be age appropriate too!

__How current is your hairstyle? (Your hair is a critical to your overall look) Are you still stuck in a style moment that has past? Hairstyles are like cars—they may still work, but you must go in for a regular tune-up! At least get your hairstyle “tweaked” for a modern edge.

__Remember there are no written rules: always wear clothes you feel confident in.

__You can’t go wrong with a tailored blazer, some darker jeans and cute shoes! This combination always looks good—no matter your age!

__Realize that “hot” 30 year olds DO have more style choices.

__Conservative clothes can be alluring.

__Women that put more effort into their appearance are more self-confident.

__Dressing like your teenage daughter makes you appear desperate and older! Embrace your age—younger gals will envy you—and your confidence!

__The concept of aging is constantly being re-defined and you should continually re-define yourself too!

__Honestly figure out what no longer suits you and find out what does. Do you have a great looking neckline, calves, arms, or earlobes? Whatever it is–show it off!

__Really nice shoes and a handbag, always make you look first-rate. Splurge, if you can on one item that makes you feel fabulous!

__Try MissusSmartyPants favorite tip: dress monochromatic. It’s always slimming and all you need is add a funky necklace or other unique accessory as a focal point!

__Go easy on trends. Just a touch is all you need! Only one piece denim, or if going boho chic, don’t wear the peasant skirt, top, sparkly slip-ons and big earrings! At the same time, too much animal print can make you will look like the hunted animal! Use animal prints ONLY as a fun accessory! Remember, just a touch of a trend.

__Accept that some styles are just not right for your shape. Find the right fit and look like a million bucks!!

See, it’s really not that hard to dress stylish and be age appropriate. So have some fun with your style!

Love, Leslie





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