House Fairy

Dear House Fairy,

I just wanted to write and tell you all about how clean my daughters Elizabeth and Megan’s room has been for the past week! It is unbelievable! A whole week! We signed up about two weeks ago, and they were all excited and watched your videos over and over again. Due to a very hectic week though, there was not a lot of cleaning going on, and
you came a few times and left only fairy dust for them. Then, BAM! We all worked really hard to clean it up! And IT HAS STAYED THAT WAY FOR A WHOLE WEEK! They are very careful to put away what they use, and try not to play in there at all so they don’t mess it up again! My youngest daughter (5yo) walked in one day after cleaning and said, “It is so nice to have all this room in here!” and she took a deep cleansing breath! I AGREE!! My older daughter (7yo) said she won’t bring her friends in to play in her room so they don’t make it messy!

I will give it another week and then we will move down into the basement TOY ROOM. YAY HOUSE FAIRY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!

Erin Kopp Mommy of
Elizabeth and Megan.

House Fairy here:

Erin I can literally feel your excitement! A whole week is really something to cheer about! Wait until you have two weeks to cheer about. We have some kids who have kept their rooms clean for five and six months! Good habits will gradually replace the habits that
caused the messes and then you and your girls will be on your way to an automatically clean home! AND you will be able to have friends over; they’ll just know that they must help with the clean-up before they leave.


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