Young at Heart

Our son-in-law is an executive with a national retail store chain and he told me his company has been affected by the sluggish economy, but that it has ultimately caused it to scrutinize its operation. It expects the economy will improve in the 4th quarter and the changes they have made (because of this financial burp) will make a stronger and better company in the long run.  We can do that too!  Winston Churchill said, “We have no money therefore we must think.”  If you feel crunched, think of what you can do with what you already have.  We SHEs are very creative and we can come up with wonderful ideas.  I heard a woman at Safeway whine, “With the gas prices so high, people are forced to stay home, wah, wah, wah.”  Stay home!  Wow what a thought!

In the Happiness File, Peggy and I wrote about how our homes hold all the answers to understanding our problems so they can be resolved.  Our homes are like a personal therapist in that everything in them has our reasons for being there.  If you spent just a little time “studying” the contents of your home instead of gas guzzling it to the mall to add more stuff to it, you would save money and become very wise.

Shakespeare said, “Of all knowledge the wise and good seek to know themselves.”  We said in the Happiness File: “You start your journey to happiness at your own front door. Turn the doorknob, go inside and take a good honest look at yourself through your stuff.  Your home and possessions will tell it all.  A quick look in the refrigerator reveals how you eat.  Your bookshelves tell what you read and, consequently, what your interests are.  Everything in your home has a reason for being there.”  If your home is full of stuff you haven’t the foggiest idea why it’s there, you are probably trying to “buy” happiness and that won’t work.

Everything we can see was first a thought and your home reflects your chronic thoughts, those you think over and over again until you don’t even know you are thinking them.  I remember in the early 1980s home interest rates soared to 18% and people were worried and we’re still here.  Then there was the Savings and Loan mess, and we’re still here.  I heard on the radio news (I don’t watch television news and I’ll tell you why in a minute) a bank bellied up yesterday and there was a run on the bank just like in It’s a Wonderful Life!  Interest rates, credit unions and banks, oh no!  Interest rates, credit unions and banks oh no!  While I’m singing the Lions and Tigers and Bears song with new words, it’s a great time to tell you why I don’t watch television news.  It repeats itself over and over and over again, always showing the same scenes, which are always the best of the worst shots of whatever has happened.  I cannot afford to clog up my mind with visions of terrible events.  Now that news runs 24-7 they have to fill that screen up with what will catch our eye and they know that accidents slow up traffic because most of us are little rubberneckers.  I refuse to be a rubbernecker in my own home!

So, back to if you have no money, it’s time to think.  Here are some things I thought up that we could do that don’t cost a dime.

Find something in your stashes of clutter that could be revitalized and put back into use, and make it a  project.

Play with your kids, chess, card games, dominoes, Monopoly etc.

Take a hike or walk.

Play in your yard.


Write a real letter on real stationary with a real pen.

Put up a tent and backyard camp.

Eat outside.

Take a nap.

If you have a long piece of plastic, a hill, a hose, an inner tube or blow up pool floatie and some bubble bath, mix them all together and shoot down the hill on the floatie or inner tube.  (The House Fairy will soon have video of this one.)

Think, my dear sweet friends!

Love, Pam



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