Respecting our Bodies one Little Change at a Time

by: Kristi Marsh

Born Organized (and proud of it), Kristi is known around these parts as Pam Young’s “Bonus Daughter” through marriage. Others know Kristi as the author of the just-launching book Little Changes: Tales of a Reluctant Home Eco-Momics Pioneer, and founder of Kristi educates others on how to create a healthier home through the products in which we smother our skin, foods we devour, and the surroundings in which we immerse ourselves.

Pampering & Penny-wise

I love my hair.

I love it teased and big. I love the unruly cowlick smack-dab in the middle of my bangs. I love my no-choice bed-head look in the sticky summer humidity. I love to push my shampoo schedule one day too far, just for the fun of it.

Who talks likes this? What brazen woman in her right mind has the snobbish self-confidence to talk about any body part with such reverence? Such Nellie Olsen conceit is unacceptable in our society! Who does this?

I do. Gone are the days of painstaking imitation to be someone I am not. I no longer pine for Andie MacDowell’s curls, or spend hours flat ironing my auburn locks for Gwyneth-Paltrow-sexiness. Playing my ex-cancer patient card, I boisterously, loudly, love myself. A few years ago, potent medicine entered my body and eradicated some pesky cancer cells. (Okay, perhaps it was really an aggressive breast cancer tumour.) While the potent poison was circulating through my system doing its job, it happened to kill off hair growth cells as well. The result? The same month Brittany Spears grabbed press headlines for intentionally shaving her head, I became not-so-intentionally bald. While I don’t live in that place any more, the experience made me love every inch of my tresses, sparse eyelashes, and plain eyebrows as well.

One of my favorite ways to show my hair some pampering love and save a few pennies, is to make my own hair rinse. I mix one cup organic cider vinegar and two cups water in a plastic squeeze bottle (ketchup style will do) and keep it in the shower. After shampooing, I rinse my hair with my homemade concoction and give it whaa-hooo rinse of cold water. This leaves my hair incredibly soft and shiny and replaces pricey deep-oil conditioning treatments and fancy high-end hair serums. I not only save money, but more importantly, avoid the harmful, unnecessary ingredients contained within many store-bought products.

On most writing days, when I’m perched in my office typing away, you may find me sporting an 80s-style scrunchie or an antique plastic banana clip (why did those beauties ever fall out of fashion anyway?). I may never achieve coiffed perfection or choose trendsetting hairstyles, but I love every inch of the hair I’ve got. So much so, that I’m currently channelling my inner Joan-of-Arc and letting my hair grow as long as possible. Whatever your style is, I say embrace your locks! Embrace yourself and all your quirks and peccadilloes. Let’s not need an excuse to love ourselves. Whether you have five or eighty more glorious years left in your body, proudly and boldly love and pamper it for what it is.

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