Children Grow Quarterly

I have 11 grandchildren and I’ve been in most of their closets numerous times as a grandmother.  I have realized that it doesn’t matter how much money the parents bring home (there’s a lawyer, a teacher, two executives and a single mom) the kids’ closets, cupboards and drawers are jam-packed and it’s not the kids’ fault.  I’d love to blame it on someone else, but unfortunately the pointy finger must go to the parents.

This needs to be a bumper sticker: KIDS GROW QUARTERLY.  I like to think that God made seasons as a sign to parents to get out a Give Away Box and spend a couple of 15-minute stints getting what is out of season out of site (and out of home).

Here’s the deal; when autumn has come the short/sleeveless shirts, shorts,bathing suits, sun caps and summer pajamas may fit now but by next summer, your growing child will be one if not two sizes bigger.  It is the out of season and wrong size clothing that is causing messy rooms and cranky children.

It’s a matter of time.  If you set the timer for 15 minutes and took just one of your child’s drawers out of its dresser and dumped in up-side-down on your made bed so you can stand upright to do this experiment, I guarantee you are going to feel like a scientist examining the strata in a glacier. The strata in that drawer will tell a story too; not about global warming but about horrible hoarding.  The clothing on the top (which was at the bottom of the drawer) will be clothing that has not been warn or seen since last summer or fall.

Now here’s the OTHER deal; those items that will not be worn by your child EVER again ARE STILL GOOD!  There is still a lot of wear left in the stuff and you know how much you paid for the items.  (There is a place in our brains, even if we hated math in school, that records and can instantly present the amount of money spent of each item.)  When you come to this realization in your 15-minute project, that the clothes are still good but will never be worn by this child you are at a crossroads!  Do you “save” the clothes for the younger child to wear next year or do you give them away?

This should help you decide; only BOs (Born Organized) get to work with hand-me-downs. Until you get organized and have a legitimate storage section in your home you should not be trying to work hand-me-downs into your already cluttered life.  Let Goodwill deal with hand-me-downs.

Let go and let God.  My parents drummed that sentence into me and it is probably the most important sentence in my life.  There is a higher plan in this Universe and each one of us is part of that plan.  We can let go and let God provide as he always has.  Be like a bird that is fearless perched on a branch, if the branch breaks, he can fly.  You Fly so now is the time to be fearless.

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