Shopping in Our Closet

Dear Friends,

Nothing is more aggravating than marching into your bedroom and flinging open your closet doors–to find that you have nothing to wear! Ugh! This is not the way to start your day. Instead you want to start your day with peace and harmony.

You probably do have a lot of clothes—it’s just that nothing either goes together or looks quite right! What’s a gal to do?!

First, you need to understand why this happens. It’s because most likely you bought clothes without a plan. Maybe you only purchased clothes because they were on sale or when you suddenly needed something.

There’s good news and bad news with this scenario. The bad news is that you don’t know what you have to work with. The good news is many of the clothes may work–and you just don’t know it!

Here’s what we need to do to bring back harmony in our life and our wardrobes: Shop in our closet! Stop wasting money on more clothes! Shop in your closet first because I’ll bet you anything there are lots of great things crammed in there!

Let’s make it fun! C’mon and join the band and march right back into your closet! We’re going on a “search and find” mission for wardrobe basics. Let’s do it the FlyLady Way…fifteen minutes at a time. Set your timers and let’s go!

Your mission is to pull out the following basic pieces: (you may have more than one if they fit well)

At least one great fitting blazer

A denim jacket

White collared button-down shirt

Colorful V-neck tees

Solid lightweight classic sweaters

Classic pair of jeans

A great fitting pair of black pants

A-line skirt (it can be black, floral printed or denim)

A “LBD” (little black dress) in a solid color (it can also be in dark brown, gray or any other neutral color) in a simple design, like a sheath dress.

Now take these wardrobe basic pieces and play with them! Be creative and mix and match them. Pull out jewelry you haven’t worn in years. How about a belt or a scarf? See how many outfits you can put together!

Nothing starts your day off better than having your clothes set out the night before and loving what you are going to wear!

Shopping your closet will save you money and help you find the basic pieces that will help you create “new” outfits!

Love, Leslie

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