Pamper Mission #07

Dear Friends,

Those crisp breezes and falling temps are signals that it’s time to think about our winter skin care routines. Why wait until our skin is chapped, cracked and hurting to begin taking care of our skin? A little pampering and prevention is much kinder to our skin than having to find a cure for painful itchy winter skin later!

First, let’s look at our facial skin care products. Will these same products take you through the winter months? Do you usually need to switch to more moisturizing products in the winter? Perhaps your cleanser and daytime moisturizer are fine year round, but the addition of a more intensive nighttime moisturizer is needed. Don’t forget the lips! The entire family will enjoy having a supply of lip balm on hand. If you need to purchase some more moisturizing products, list them on your shopping list for Errand Day. If you’d like to try something new, try reading some product reviews online or chat with friends about their recent purchases. Search for products that will not clog your pores.

Now let’s look at our body care products. Do you need stronger moisturizing body care products for the winter months? One new product I’ve been trying is an in shower body lotion. You put the lotion on in the shower and then rinse. This seems to be much more moisturizing than my old standby of baby oil. Sometimes I will shower and then apply baby oil all over my body before toweling off. This seems to lock some moisture into my skin and is a very inexpensive beauty treatment. For some reason, I’ve never liked applying lotion after exiting the shower and have found that I will actually do an in shower routine on a daily basis. I do like to use additional products in addition to my usual shower routine on the coldest most blustery days of winter.

Never forget that taking care of your needs is NOT being selfish! It’s all part of learning to Finally Love Yourself!


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