Pamper Mission #09

Many thanks to FLYstudent in Georgia for sharing her thoughts on decluttering and pampering with me this past week. Please read her suggestions and then I will have a couple of comments to share.

“Hi Flycrew:

I really enjoy your site and appreciate what you do. I have suggestions for a decluttering project and a pampering idea. I am working on my paper clutter this month, which is considerable, but the task that I have been putting off the longest is multi-media decluttering. I bet I am not the only flybaby who needs to get rid of records, cds, cassette and vhs tapes, and dvds, not to mention scores of empty cases for all of these items. I even have 78 rpm records that I need to weed through, but thankfully, no 8-track tapes, at least!

As for pampering, I suggest that everyone try a massage at least once. (No, I am not a massage therapist.) Massage comes in all price ranges and levels of undress, from a ten-minute neck rub in the portable spa chairs that you sometimes see in malls and health-food stores, to the hour-long full body work-up with aromatherapy. I can’t think of a better way (other than vigorous exercise) to get rid of tension that you don’t even realize you are carrying around. I am a graduate student, and I make less than $14,000 a year, so I have had to find creative ways to be able to afford an occasional massage. Luckily, good therapists are usually in business to help people any way they can, and are sometimes willing to barter their services in return for yardwork, childcare, tutoring, homemade meals, house-cleaning, sewing, etc. I have made arrangements with two excellent massage therapists in my small town who let me do yardwork and cleaning in exchange for massage. If this sounds like a good pampering idea, you might want to let members know that they do not have to undress fully (or at all, really) in order to get a massage; I think some people avoid trying it because they are modest and worried about this aspect. One way to find a licensed, reputable massage therapist is to ask your family physician for a referral.

By the way, I have discovered that FLYing is good for my back and neck, as well as my house and my soul: when I grade papers, I set the timer for ten-minute breaks after every three papers, and I get up and do quick cleaning or decluttering projects to keep from sitting in one position for too long. It also helps to clear my head so that I stay more objective when evaluating essays.

Thanks for all the great ideas,

FLYstudent in Georgia”

I purchased a certificate for massage at a silent auction fund raiser a few weeks ago. I used the certificate last week and enjoyed 60 minutes of absolute bliss and relaxation. The skill of the massage therapist and the beautiful music playing in the background soothed my cares away. Time seems to stop when you’re on the table!

If you have never had a massage, let your therapist know and they will explain what you can expect. During the massage, don’t be afraid to let the therapist know if their pressure is a too hard or light… this is YOUR massage and you want it to be an enjoyable experience.

Please consider giving massage a try! A massage is well worth saving your pennies for or you can request massage certificates for birthdays and other gift giving occasions in your life.

You are so worth it!


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