Pamper Mission #19

Dear Friends,

This month’s habit is Pampering. Why is pampering so important?

Pampering gives us the power to continue on one more day. It enables us to care for ourselves so that we have something to give back to our families and our communities. Pampering is fun and enjoyable and makes life so much more pleasant. Pampering should not be a source of guilt or something done only as a reward for what you deem as good behavior. Pampering should be a part of your routines, the same as doing the laundry and watering the plants, but of course, much more enjoyable.

One thing I did for myself this morning was turn my makeup application session into a mini pampering session. Such a simple thing as sitting instead of standing made applying my makeup much less of a chore. I took my time, enjoyed the good lighting I had, and truly felt like an artist as I applied the color where I wanted it to be. It was fun and relaxing.

I would encourage all the ladies to take a little time to truly enjoy the time spent applying makeup… at least one day this week. Also, be sure to examine your moisturizers and determine if you need to make a change as the drier autumn air makes its arrival.

Spend a little time on yourself! You are so worth it!

FlyLady Dana

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