Pamper Mission #25

Dear Friends,

When was the last time you read a good book? Can’t remember? Well, it’s time to crack the books! If you are an avid book buyer, but the books tend to languish on the shelf, make it part of your routine to spend a little time relaxing and reading. Perhaps as a part of your bedtime routine or morning devotions. If you have stopped buying books because you don’t want to add to your clutter, try the local library. Many libraries are relaxing comfortable places to be and you can have as much fun browsing for a book there as at your local bookstore without having to worry about breaking the budget! Interlibrary loan programs make almost every book available to everyone, no matter where you are located. In addition to books, there are audio tapes, videos, CDs and other resources available for your pleasure.

Have fun and don’t feel the least bit guilty about taking this time for yourself. You are worth it!

FlyLady Dana

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