Pamper Mission #27

Dear Friends,

One of the most basic ways we can pamper ourselves is by going to bed at a decent hour. To make bedtime extra special, I like to start my bedtime routine a little early. Have a nice warm evening bath, get into a pretty silk nightie, snuggle under the covers with a fun book or some needlework, and enjoy some relaxing pampering time before falling fast asleep.

Do you have a pretty nightgown that makes you feel special? If not, it’s time to go shopping! Every lady deserves to have pretty nightgowns or PJs that make her feel like a pampered princess when she wears them. Whatever makes you feel beautiful, whether it is a long silk nightgown or a cute soft comfortable dorm shirt, enjoy drifting off to sleep in something pretty. If you have pretty things in your closet, don’t save them for special occasions. You are special everyday!

Sweet dreams,
FlyLady Dana

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