Pamper Mission 03/11/12

Dear Friends,

Many of our pampering missions have to do with beauty treatments, but
there are a myriad of other ways to pamper ourselves. Just thinking
about the five senses of touch, taste, hearing, sight, and smell is
the first step to thinking of new and creative ways to pamper
ourselves. In fact, thinking, or sometimes more adequately put,
DREAMING, about new ways to pamper our senses can be a pampering
mission all on its own.

Is there something that you have longed to do, but for some reason,
have always talked yourself out of? Perhaps something of a daredevil
nature, such as skydiving or para sailing? Or something that would
keep your feet more firmly planted on the ground, but nevertheless,
makes you feel a little skittish to contemplate? Perhaps trying your
hand at a new hobby, or taking a class that could lead to a new job?
Maybe even performing at an amateur night if you are a musician or
reading some of your work if you are a poet…

I’ve been enjoying time spent exploring the possibility of skydiving
after an old high school friend suggested it to me. Just researching
the different drop zones near my home, learning what costs to
anticipate, and watching videos of the first tandem jumps of other
newbies has helped me prepare to make this new dream a reality. It
has been a lot of fun, almost as much fun as the actual jump will be,
I’m sure!

Try stepping out of your comfort zone this week and take the first
steps to make your dream a reality. With a little planning,
budgeting, and nerve, dreams can come true!


FlyLady Dana

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