Pamper Mission 04/15/12

Dear Friends,

Sometimes a sensational pampering mission is just around the corner…
or to be more exact, around the corner, in the closet, on the bottom
shelf. Do you have wonderful lotions and potions and beauty gadgets
gathering dust, just waiting for a special occasion? Get out those
pampering supplies and enjoy them now! Every day can be a special day
if you don’t procrastinate about using the wonderful gifts life has
sent your way.

Don’t worry about using up a favorite item too fast. Much more often,
our lotions and potions spoil before we use them up. There’s always a
birthday, anniversary, or other gift giving occasion coming up that
will enable you to replenish your stash.

Take time this week to enjoy those pampering gifts given to you by
friends, gift with purchase items you put away for a rainy day, and
the intriguing items you bought on clearance at the store. Use up
that stash! If you find items you know you will never use, share
those with friends and family who could use a little pick me up.
You’ll enjoy the extra space and the recipient will enjoy their
impromptu pampering session!

Pamper often; pamper joyfully! You’re so worth it!

FlyLady Dana

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