Making My Bed Means Loving Myself

I’m such a SHE. In fact, I was a SHE (Side Tracked Home Executive) before I even owned a home. It started for me when I had a bedroom. My mom’s house was always so clean. She had major routines in place and never, ever strayed from them. Much to my dismay the bulk of the work took up most of my Saturday. As you can imagine all I wanted to do was hurry up and finish my chores so I could go outside and jump rope, eat snow cones, and make mud pies. Or maybe it was eat mud pies and make snow cones. Either way I certainly didn’t want to clean. I had too many stories to make up and sidewalks to chalk draw on.

As I got older my mother reminded me just how lazy and unorganized I was. She’d tell me to clean my room and shut the door behind me. I had no idea where to begin so I just started rearranging my stuff into neat piles, shoved leftovers into the closet and under the bed and even sometimes just threw clothes away. I was just not that into having a clean room when butterflies and unicorns beckoned me to join them in their fun.

Fast forward many, many years. Not much has changed except I’ve learned I am not a lazy, stupid daydreamer. I am a sidetracked artist who was never taught how to clean. I had no routines in place and absolutely no concept of the fact you can’t organize clutter. Thankfully I met FlyLady before my secret became known to all. I could stash and dash and put on quite the show.

By the time I started FLYing I had pretty much conquered my clutter issue but I still struggled with some key points. The main one being making my bed. I mean to tell you I made every excuse in the book. Why make it, no one else sees it. I just have to get back into it again so it is such a waste of time. I fold laundry on it, I don’t have matching bedding. My husband sometimes sleeps later than me, etc. If there was an excuse I made it.

Well, last year when May rolled around I rolled my eyes as well. FlyLady works for everything else so I thought, why be such a stubborn ninny. Just make your bed for 30 days and see what happens. What do you have to lose?

Wow. Wow. Wow. Once I started making my bed every day (which takes about 2 minutes) I started noticing other things I could do to make my bedroom even more inviting. It had always been the last room I decorated, took loving care of, or even looked in. It was the catch all because I could shut the door. Slowly I began to realize that I really did deserve to have my bedroom be something special. I bought a new comforter, hung some lovely, soothing art. Added candles and a pretty wool rug at the foot of the bed. Before I knew it my bedroom became a peaceful sanctuary. Every night I laid down in my bed and it was a dream come true. It dawned on me I LOVE myself enough to make my bedroom an oasis! FLYing means Finally Loving Yourself. I am worth it and so are you!

What are you waiting for!

Lovingly yours,
FlyLady Nikki

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