FlyBaby Again!

Dear FlyLady,

I first joined you many years ago. I retired last year and moved in with my mother to care for her as needed. I have used the timer at times over the years and always tried to have my sink shine. I always dress to shoes and followed my morning and bedtime routines. I have not been good with the cleaning and decluttering aspect of Flylady. I have moved 2 times and had cancer before moving here. I have now had a return of my Hodgkins Lymphoma. This summer I had chemo and continued to do what I could in the house. In October I went to Nashville VA Hospital and had more chemo and a stem cell transplant. I came home Dec. 8 and at that time I couldn’t even open a bottle of water to drink with my bare hands. Before I left we had hired a housekeeper and she comes every 2 weeks to dust, mop, vacuum and wipe counters.

Two weeks ago I started looking at the Flylady website again and I have jumped back in with both tied shoes. I am doing the daily zone assignment at this point. I had hoped to do the Weekly Home Blessing but found I still do not have the strength for that but will work it in here and there as I am able. Better some than none. What surprised me Monday night was when my Mother went into the kitchen before bed and came right out and she was thrilled with the counter and how clean it was. I thought she would complain because I had moved/removed some of her thing but she was very pleased with what I did. What an encouragement to continue to take baby steps.

Flybaby Cindy in Delaware

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