Pamper Mission 05/06/12

Dear Friends,

So often we forget to take advantage of the tiny little moments
throughout the day that can help us feel less stressed and even
pampered. Actively seeking these moments will help you feel better
and help you enjoy life more.

This week, try to become more aware of how your body let’s you know
when you are overly stressed or fatigued. The tension lines across
your forehead, tightly pursed lips and clenched teeth, tension in your
upper back are all signs of stress. Check for these signs as you
drive, sit at your desk, or go about other daily tasks. Concentrate
on relaxing the muscles that are causing this tension in your body.
If you are able, stop what you’re doing and take a few minutes to
stretch your arms and legs and gently move your head from side to side.

As you fall asleep, take inventory of the tension in your body.
Concentrate on relaxing every muscle in your body starting at the top
of your head until you reach the tips of your toes. Slow your
breathing until it’s in a calming pattern that supports deep sleep.
Chase all other thoughts from your mind and only concentrate on
relaxing your body, regulating your breathing pattern, and enjoying
the bliss of sinking into blessed sleep.

You can fly so much higher when you actively work to remove from your
body the painful weight that stress leaves behind.

You are so worth this tender loving care. Enjoy!


FlyLady Dana

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