The Isolation of Clutter

Dear Friends,

It is a glorious morning that has been given to us. This is the day that I spend renewing my spirit. I got sidetracked again. It is up to each individual to figure out how best to do this. Do you remember when we were children that people used to visit one another on Sunday afternoons? You didn’t make a phone call to warn them or ask their permission to come on over. You just got in the car and popped in. What ever happened to this freedom to enjoy each other?

Well I believe that the demise of visiting has occurred because Clutter has invaded our lives. All that clutter, made us not want to open the door. If you did open the door you were embarrassed by your
home and your guests felt your uneasiness. How sad to think that we have lost relationships because clutter put such a guilt trip on us.

Today I want us to think about what Clutter and CHAOS has done to us as a family and a community. We no longer know our neighbors. It may take some doing, but I believe that we can revive the simple practice of visiting if we will just close the door of isolation and clutter and open our heart to the love and joy of our friends and neighbors.

Go visit someone today or invite someone over.

Are you ready to FLY with your neighbors by your side?


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