You are Worthy!

Dear Friends,

The word exercise brings up the idea of sweating, pain and sour looks
on faces. This is why we do our best not to use this E word when we
discuss moving. We are not drill instructors, coaches or trainers to
make you do anything! This is your choice and you can move how ever
you choose! Doesn’t that make you jump for joy! We are not confined
to someone else’s definition of moving! It is ours! For most of us,
anything we do will be more than we did yesterday.

Slowly over the years we have grinded to a complete halt; only moving
when we had too; Nothing extra just for fun. We didn’t believe we
deserved to have any time or fun for ourselves; we had too much to do
in the house. The burden of your cluttered home help to put that
clutter on your body! Just the fact that we didn’t know where to
start paralyzed us into doing nothing and things just got worse!

I truly believe with all my heart that the clutter in our homes and
on our bodies is a direct correlation to our lack of self love! Think
about this for a minute. When did your home start to get messy? Now
think about when you started to gain your body clutter? Oh and let’s
not forget the financial problems and relationship woes. Can you pin
point a time in your history that started this downward spiral.

It is a vicious cycle that feeds off of you; pulling you down and
making you feel worse. The most destructive part is you; you are your
biggest enemy! It is you that says the negative things to put you
down. There may be others that jump on the band wagon to your
destruction, but for the most part it is your own thoughts and words
that are in your mind making you feel less than!

My mission in life is to help you find yourself and the love that is
going to stop this downward fall into despair. It all started with
your kitchen sink. Do you remember the elation you felt the first
time you shined it! I will never become immune to that feeling. All
those years of being greeted in the morning by nasty water and dirty
dishes were enough to make you crawl back into bed and pull the
covers over your head. Now I practically dance into my kitchen to see
my shining sink each morning. As you keep it shiny it continually
reminds you that you can do something and you are good! It is such a
simple task! If you have not felt this joy then why are you refusing
to do the very first assignment that you are given! Go shine your
sink now and see for yourself. Quit letting those negative thoughts
talk you out of something that is so freeing! Besides what have you
got to loose; A messy house? What you have been doing has not been
working so why not join all the others that have stepped out in faith
and just shined their sink!

We have been talking about Moving in May, but this is not just for
the month of May this is a habit we are developing that will stay
with us for a lifetime. Just think it has taken several years of
gaining a few pounds here and a few pounds there of body clutter.
Just like with your home it did not get dirty in a day and it is not
going to get clean over night. There are no magic pills to get rid of
the clutter in your home or the clutter on your thighs.

In our all or nothing thinking we want it right now! Well it is not
going to happen that way! It takes consistency of routines to help us
peel away the layers of our clutter! Doing just a little every day is
going to give you the results you have been searching for, if you
will give it time! Time to establish routines, not beat yourself up
because you missed a day and most of all to FLY! Once you start
taking care of yourself and showing you that you are worthy to be
loved then you will start to see the clutter go away.

Remember you can’t organize clutter: you can only get rid of it! One
babystep at a time!

Are you ready to FLY with us to a higher level of loving yourself!


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