Moving in May Means Loving You!

I have looked forward to this months habit with both excitement and dread. I know exercising is good for me but knowing that something is good for you and doing whats good for you are two completely different things!

Flylady talks a lot about Finally Loving Yourself and its true- it is truly important. However, I do not think that most of us realize how important exercising and loving movement are to loving yourself. I know there are times when I feel as if I just cannot exercise but when I make myself get up and do it I feel better in the end. Sometimes even looking at those numbers on the scale are not enough to make me want to get up and move. I think that I can handle it though if I do it the Flylady way and so can you!

There are so many excuses we give ourselves and to our doctors for not exercising. Its too hot. Its to cold. I have too much to do today. The kids need me. The list goes on and on.

What we all need to realize is that we can get our exercise without jumping through a bunch of hoops. We do not have to be outside to exercise (although the fresh air is amazing!) We do not have to spend an hour or more a day to exercise and feel better about oursevles. Exercising does not have to take up a huge chunk of time and heck, even dancing with the kids is good for you and can be considered exercise! All you have to do is focus on moving and staying active for just fifteen minutes a day!  What matters is that you are moving AND having fun. Practicing loving movement will make you feel better emotionally and physically because when you start seeing a change in your body- you will start loving yourself more. You will feel better about yourself and that will make you happier!

-Flybaby Marie

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