Making it Fun!

Dear Friends,

I just could not wait to get out of bed to get on the treadmill this morning. For some reason I had words burning my finger tips and then the phone rang! It was Paddi so I tried something new this morning! I got on the treadmill and talked to her on the phone. Let’s just say that it is much easier for me to walk and type than it is to walk and talk at the same time. Go figure!

We have to make our moving fun! If not we are going to despise it and won’t do it long. This is why I have incorporated my morning musings into my treadmill time. I can write and explore my thoughts without interruption of the phone, computer, and email. I love it! I think talking with another person is a good thing, but it was hard for me with the phone, maybe in person it will be easier.

I can do a lot of things with my phone. I have one of those headsets phones that clip on my waistband and it looks like the phone is surgically implanted in my head. You won’t believe what I can get done with this phone on my head. I have done interviews and pulled weeds at the same time. One of my favorite things to do on the phone is grab my feather duster and dance around the house while I am talking. My hands are free and I don’t even realize that I am cleaning. Now Robert thinks I look like an alien, but my headset phone is one of my favorite tools.

I hope you are beginning to see that if we make it fun it will get done! As FlyBabies we love fun and games. This is why everything we do is enjoyable. We are a fun-loving people. If not it seems too much like work and we will just put it off! This is another reason I use my timer all the time. I don’t have to think; it thinks for me!

As most of you know I have a little commandment that says don’t try to do two things at once. This rule does not apply to talking on the phone and dusting, pulling weeds or typing on the computer.

Are you ready to FLY with fun as your guide and encouragement?


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