FLYing Safe!

Dear Friends,

Over the years when we have been in the Laundry Room as part of our Zones, we have stressed how important it is to clean the vent in your dryer. We have received thousands of questions asking us how to do this properly. There are several ways but the most efficient is to use a kit that is designed to specifically to get rid of the lint that gets trapped in the vent and the vent hose to the outside.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1998 (the latest study) clothes dryers were associated with 15,600 fires that resulted in 20 deaths and 370 injuries. Cleaning out the lint in the dryer is one way to help prevent a house fire from happening to you. Something so simple that we do not think about, can save homes and lives. When you keep the dryer vents clean the dryer will also run more efficiently energy wise and therefore, save you time and money. The lint screens in your dryer will only trap 75% of the lint, the rest goes through the vent and the vent hose. The vent and hose will get clogged with the lint as we are not removing it the way we do with the screens.

After receiving so many inquiries we decided that we would find a kit that we found acceptable to offer to all of you. We are pleased to offer you a kit that is easy to use and to help you save time, energy, money and lives. The kit is designed to keep your dryer working at peak efficiency by removing the lint from the vent and hose. The kit includes a 10 foot vent duct brush, a 3 foot vent brush and a vacuum hose attachment.

What better day to use that Dryer Lint Kit than Anti-Procrastination Day!

FLYing with a safe dryer gives us peace of mind!


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