I’m Being Rewarded for FLYing!

Dear Flylady,

I wrote you recently and talked about how happy and peaceful my home is now that I understand how to make my life work for me.

I have some really big news that just blows me away.  My husband told me that this must be my reward for getting my life together!

I give music lessons and recently 5 teenagers asked me if they could barter for voice and guitar lessons.  So they will work for the same amount of time as their lesson.  They have offered to weed my garden and clean my house.

I was able to pull out your handy dandy routine lists and turned it into a checklist.  So every Monday, as each one finishes their lesson they can just look at the spreadsheet and see what jobs are available and check them off when they are done.  I included instructions for each job on the sheet.  Also my kids will be able to look at that spreadsheet and know what is left for them, so they can get their computer time for the day.

What I think is really funny is that not only do I finally love myself, I love taking care of my home!  So I was shocked to feel a little disappointed that I don’t have to clean anymore!!!  Explain that!

I really love love love giving music lessons, it really feeds me so I feel like this is a big win for everyone.  The very best part is that this will really free up a lot of my time to do more of the other things I love and enjoy.

Very big grin on my face!

Nikki in Missouri


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