Weekly Home Blessing with Kid Power!

Dear Friends,

This week we are look at our homes with a focus on encouraging our
children to help. In order to get their full participation, it has to
be fun and there needs to be a reward afterwards.

Let’s look at our Weekly Home Blessing Hour.

We have 7 items on our list to do:

1.Empty Trash(all over the house)
5.Cull old magazines
6.Change Sheets
7.Polish mirrors and door.

Now how can we get the family involved? By making a game out of it.

Save the jobs that are the hardest for you. If you are going to be
picky about the way they do it, then don’t play this game; it won’t
be fun for you or them.



Have fun!

Decide on a good reward for getting the home blessing done without complaints, fussing or fighting.

Go to the park.
Family board games
hot fudge sundaes or toasting marshmallows
Take in a matinee or rent a movie and pop popcorn.
You know what your children love to do; be creative.


List the items on a small sheet of paper. Then put them in a bag or a
bowl and have them withdraw their assignment. Do not hold the
children to your standards; this is supposed to be fun, not perfect.
Do you understand this?

Set a timer for 10 minutes and go to have some fun. After the buzzer
goes off; draw another assignment.

Afterwards go have fun. You can hold your older children to a little
higher standards, but not perfection. I don’t even hold you to that
tough goal. BabySteps, the more they do this, the better they will
get at it. Another way is to get the children to work along side of


For instance if you are dusting, give them the feather duster and
teach them how to use it without knocking things over. You take a
dust cloth. Together you can dust the furniture top to bottom.
Remember children are short and can get the lower spots easily.

Have them help you vacuum. Put a basket in the middle of the room and
have them put everything in it before you run the vacuum cleaner. You
could even aim for the basket, if you allow tossing in the house. LOL
Then let them push the vacuum around the room. Remember just the
middles, we are not doing under the couches just yet.


Now for mopping, you sweep the kitchen floor while the children get
on their bathing suits. LOL This is from one of our members. Put
some wet towels on the floor with a little more water, and let them
scoot around on the floor on the their frannies. Have a spray bottle
filled with plain water to add to the excitement. You could also put
a tiny bit of baby shampoo on the floor for soap. This is more fun in
the summer. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, just fun. You get
the floor clean and they get to be silly. They will love it. You can
let them play as long as they are having fun. Then toss the dirty
towel and swim suits in the washer. Oh you can do the bathroom this
way too, then put the children in the tub and let them play, but they
have to be cleaning in there too.

It isn’t the type of cleaner that gets things clean, it is the act of
doing the cleaning that accomplishes the task. We don’t have a magic
potion. A little shampoo on a wash cloth will remove a bathtub ring.

As of culling magazines; you can turn this into a learning event.
Have them look for magazine with last month’s date on them. Changing
Sheets is not that hard, one of my fondest memories is when my father
taught me to make hospital corners. Every time I put clean sheets on
our bed I think about him. You can set a timer for this too and race
to see who get them in the laundry room first. Each bed needs two
sets of sheets, so you don’t have to wait to put the fresh sheets on
the bed.

Polishing mirrors and door doesn’t have to be perfect either. Just a
little spray of your favorite cleaner on a paper towel or clothe and
let them get the worst of it off. You will be surprised at how good
the doors will look without dog nose prints and handprints on them.

As for gathering up all the trash in the house; teach them that
empting the trash means putting a new bag in the trashcan. Keep extra
bags in the bottom of each can then they don’t have to go searching
for them. Blow your whistle have them run to their rooms and gather
up trash.

You can also put on their favorite music. You can stand anything for
an hour! Let them know this is the way you get in the mood to clean;
you have to set the stage for fun. This goes for you too.


So do you see what I am doing here? Creating a fun time for blessing
your home with the children helping. You can do this. Ask the
children for suggestions and have fun.

Home Blessing with FLYing Children Power,


Tools that your children love to use while they bless their home. Starting with a Podcast.

The podcast is on itunes too for those of you who love your iPod!

Here is the link to the podcast on BlogTalkRadio.com.

Have fun with this and you will get it done!


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