The GOOD Book: A Note to Nelly

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Here is a testimonial from a woman’s inner child to my inner child, Nelly. I love getting emails from my inner kiddies! To get The GOOD Book: Get Out Of Debt, please visit:


Dear Nelly,

Mom has been rather strict with me this month – especially in the budget department. You see, her son is getting married and needed a little more help financially than was originally thought. Mom looked at the budget she and her husband worked out a while back (but hadn’t really stuck to it all that well) and decided that, with her raise from January, and if we stuck to the pre-raise budget, she could help out a little more than she had thought. So, we’ve been really good this month watching what we spend, and we sent them a check. She also thinks that since we can do it this month for a wedding, we should also be able to continue it to get out of debt faster and save up those accounts Pam talks about in The GOOD Book (the PSP, PMS, and SOS accounts)…

Well, the coolest thing happened this past week. She and Calvin got their tax return check. Normally, Calvin would have been “I made the most money this year so this is my money” but because of counseling, he sat down with her and said “Could you use this to pay off some debt?” (I can’t believe this is the same Calvin from a few years ago). She said “Why yes, there’s a couple of doctor/dentist bills that I’ve been paying a little each month.” So, he deposited the check, which cleared this morning.

Before I could get my little grubby hands on it, she called the two places and paid off both bills in full! The one place was a little more than what we had, but the lady on the phone gave her a discount for paying it off faster. So guess what? Now we have just her huge-o credit card bill left to pay off! And she says we’ll send the monthly payment from those two paid-off bills to the credit card each month, (like you say when working with the ARC), and we should be done with that bill faster!

The cool thing is that because Mom has been planning meals and watching the budget, it doesn’t seem like she’s using less money – just that we’re eating more at home and enjoying new recipes more instead of fast food and junk.This GOOD Book stuff is actually fun! We’ve found lots of good food to eat that is good for us and not that expensive and we can actually afford other stuff because we’re not using up all the money on stuff that we don’t really need!

Thanks for all your help!

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