Please Tell Me How to Use a Duster!

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve written before and this may be a silly question, but I have been wanting to buy the dusters for sometime, but am limited on my budget.

What duster is used for what?

I hate to dust because it was always something I was forced to do because my mom hated to dust. I want to make if fun for both me and my kids. I just don’t really know the first thing about feather dusters as I was always made to use pledge and a rag.

Any feedback is welcome.

Trying to FLY in PA

Dear Trying to FLY in PA,

We all know about being forced to dust the way our mother’s wanted us to do it! We do not have to be be our mothers to dust! We can do it our way! Feather dusters are an amazing tool that helps us to have fun and at the same time get the job done!

They don’t just move the dust around they pick it up with all of their thousands of tiny feathers. Each plume is made up of these little feathers. They do all the work, so you don’t have to!

I like to hold my duster as if it were a pencil! Then with little quick flicks of the duster; the feathers surround the items on your tables and pick up the dust so you don’t have to pick up the item. Did you know that dust does not get under the items on your tables; just around them.

If you use your duster every day then you will never have to see dust again. Isn’t that what our routines do for us! When we develop habits our homes clean themselves. Just a few short minutes in the morning and then in the evening along with picking up after yourself and your house can be on automatic pilot too!

Our extreme duster can reach new heights. It can also reach the floor without you having to bend over!

Here is another Question about our detailed duster and feather duster.

Dear FlyLady,

Could you help me figure out how the detail duster and the feather duster are different? Is it just a matter of personal style preference or do they actually do two different things? Similar question about the dust mop head and the refill microfiber cloths for the FlyMop. I have the latter which I love and am just ordering refills for. I’m going through a SHE attack where I have my shopping cart all filled out but the hand won’t click the checkout button because I’m worried about making the wrong choice 🙁 Would you help me out?


Dear Yamuna,

We still love our feather dusters even though we are not selling them any longer. I have used an ostrich feather duster for 15 years. With three dogs and two cats in our home dust comes in every time we open the door for those precious faces. I learned early that two minutes feather dusting on a daily basis kept dust from getting so bad that you could write in it. It is fast, easy and fun!

This is daily maintenance dusting. Each week we are in a different zone, this is when we do our detailed cleaning with our zones missions. That is why we developed a detailed dusting mitt. So to answer your question; I use both of them; one daily and the detailed dusting mitt weekly according to our weekly missions.


Now for the FlyLady Mop. Our critters are always shedding. I used to use one of those things with the disposable sheets you attach to a head. I hated them because it seemed like such a waste to me. I found me an old fashion cotton dust mop but I didn’t like spraying stuff on it. I wanted one like they use on gym floors. So Jack figured out that we could get something made like the Car Duster to use on our floors. This is for all that dog hair we have. It is just part of life when you have critters are in your family. I have used the proto-type for months now and absolutely love it!

The red dusting head is for daily dust mopping. It does not need to be washed. I take the mop outside and shake it hard to get the worst of the dust bunnies out of it! This is such a great bargain. You have one sturdy handle and interchangeable heads. The microfiber mop heads are good used wet or dry. My favorite way is to use them is wet for weekly home blessing hour to wet mop our floors. That is why we have the 3 pack of refills. You can use all three while you are wet mopping your floor. Get them all dirty at once and toss them in the washer.

The Red Dusting head is not to be washed after every use. In fact the dirty it gets the better it works. It has a wax treatment on it like the Car Duster.

These are great tools that get the job done fast if you will put them in your hand and use them. Don’t keep procrastinating thinking that you are going to make a wrong decision. Indecision only hurts us. What ever you choose will be a good tool. We don’t have things in our FLY Shop that I don’t love and use.

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