FlyLady Notebook Out the Door! (Not What You Think)


I just had to write you about this.  I have been decluttering my bedroom and I ran into a notebook.  And in this notebook was tons of emails from you on how to declutter, how to shine our sink, how to make our control journal, testimonials, etc. etc.  It was dated 2001.

That must have been when I first signed up with you.  I thought I had to print all of this stuff out so that I could refer to it.  I do remember you saying that we would not have to do that because the info would repeat and we could find it on your website, but I guess I figured I needed a hard copy of it to refer to.  And what is really weird is that I never did refer to it.  I never remembered going back and going through the notebook.  I only used it when I was adding something to it.

Well I just wanted to let you know that I just put all of that notebook in my recycle paper.  It will soon be out the door.  It was sad in a way but also good because I was able to let it go knowing I could go to your website or just check my email and there you are.

Thank you for helping me all of these years.  I am still a work in progress, but it is so much better than back in 2001.  I am FLYING!!!!


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