What are you Waiting for?

Dear Friends,

Have you been putting off dealing with your clutter? Today is anti-procrastination day!


1. The garbage truck to back up to your home and forcibly remove your trash.

2. For your trash to evaporate like water.

3. For little elves to come in and sort through your clutter for you!

4. For your children to wake up one morning and say Mommy I don’t need this any more??

5. For your husband to take the first step to guide you out of your cluttered home.

6. The spring flood to declutter for you? This is not a fun way to declutter; take my word for it and all of those people the survived flooding in Nashville.

7. Not a flood but fire this time. Well sister if I don’t light a fire under you to get this done then spontaneous combustion is going to do it for you!

8. There is no hurry. I can get rid of some things; I still have time!

9. The sorting has taken place but it is filling up the garage for a spring yard sale! It is not really gone is it!!!

10. You have decided to move it all to a bigger house so that you can keep all this trash close at hand.

11. I don’t know where to start! There is just too much stuff!


Your clutter is strangling you! Get rid of it now. Don’t wait for someone else to motivate you to get up and do it. You can do anything for 15 minutes! Go declutter something and put it at the curb with a FREE sign on it! Just see how fast it will go away, but it will not get up and walk out there by itself.

It is time to put some more effort into gettng rid our clutter!

FLINGing gets you ready to FLY!!! Cause once the clutter is gone; the Sky is the LIMIT!

You can’t organize clutter; You have to get rid of it to find yourself!


To make decluttering fun, we found these great bags for you!


June’s habit is drinking your water! Do you have a water bottle you love? We have one that keeps your water cold.


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