Are You Always Putting out Fires?

Dear Friends,

Are you running around with your head cut off, putting out fires everywhere you go. Are you letting the house run you, instead of you taking control and running the house on your timetable.

This has got to stop. Your stress from just doing what is urgent is going to make you sick, give you headaches, and keep you in a constant state of fatigue.

I can hear you now! How do I stop? These things need to be done. Well here is how. Simple planning, with a little thought to the future, not just the next 10 minutes.

For instance, Running out of milk. You have to stop what you are doing and take 30 minutes to run to the grocery for milk. Have you noticed the expiration date has gotten longer, why not buy 2 or 3 gallons at a time. How about lunch money? Get the proper change while you are out for the whole week for everyone that needs it. Then you will have it and not be scrambling for it just before they leave for school.

If you have other fires you have to put out on a regular basis, Look at what you can DO NOW to prevent them from happening in the first place. How about matching socks, or certain clothes that are needed for school.

What are some of these fires? What is so urgent that you throw your whole routine out the window to deal with this priority??

Unless it is a true emergency, sick family member, or an accident. Most everything else can be planned for. When a true emergency happens, by all means your routine should go out the window. The key here is to be ready for anything. Could you walk out the door in 3 minutes to meet your husband if he called and said, I need you. Being able to answer these kind of calls as well as the little voice that says, Momma will you play with me, or read me a story. You can do this when you are not having to put out those urgent fire calls. Guess what!!! There is no guilt involved either.

Your homework assignment is to make a list of the fire calls you have been making. Don’t worry about how to fix them just yet. All I want you to do is list them. If you don’t know, then keep a journal this week, when you are rushing to get something done. Like mail off your income taxes or get an extension. Running to the store to get something you are out of. Paying a bill that you forgot to mail, now you have to personally deliver it so your power won’t be turned off. What about being late for an appointment? Running out of Gas!

If we would apply the Do It Now Principle to our life, we would be much better off. When we do this, procrastination is no longer a word in our vocabulary. If you look close at your list, you will find that the fire got out of hand because you said. I can do that later.

Stop thinking about what you can put off to the future and take care of some of these issues NOW. The future will be the present before you know it. Why not make it a pleasant one? You hold the Key in your hot little hand. Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today and save yourself some precious time in the process. As well as your health!!!

Are your ready to FLY with me?


Sometime we procrastinate because we think a job will take longer than it really will. Time yourself. You will see.

Wednesday is our Anti-Procrastination Day and Spend an hour at your desk day. We are not asking you to spend all day working on your clutter at your desk; we just want you to think about your bills,
menus and things you have been putting off.

Think of Wednesday as a planning day for next week. This is not Rocket Science. You don’t have to spend all day either. Start with 15-minutes. Take baby steps. A little planning now, could save a lot of
steps, time and peace of mind next week. You are going to so surprised at how freeing these few minutes can be. This is a start to finding the peace that I have.

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