Pamper Mission 6/24/12

Dear Friends,

With all the negativity in the world, it is easy for our minds to fall
into patterns of negative thinking which leads to stress taking hold
in our bodies. It is very important to train our minds to focus on
positive things when stress invades our lives.

This week, take some time each day to focus on a special person you have loved
and respected in your life.  Could be a parent, grandparent, child, sibling, teacher,
best friend…. This person can be living or dead, but MUST be someone who brings
back happy memories… this is not the time to rehash a painful past. Think about the physical
characteristics of this person, how they talked, how it felt to hug
that person, the times that you enjoyed together, and how that person
has inspired you to be a better person. This exercise will help
soothe jangled nerves and help you focus on what really matters in
life… being a good person and treating others well.

Have fun with your mental relaxation this week! You are so worth it!

FlyLady Dana

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