Setting Us Free

Dear Fly Family,

I love you so much. On a daily basis you bring tears of gratitude and joy to my eyes.

I just read about the essay winner and I also had purple puddles. I am so happy for the winner and happy to know how much our testimonials mean to you.

I receive an email with an inspiring quote almost every day. Today’s hit me just right, especially after thinking about flylady has set me free. Here it is:

Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail. -John Donne

I am working on that. I am so much nicer to myself now and I don’t take everything personally anymore. I am working on some big issues that have needed my loving attention for some time now and I am looking forward, not backward. My life felt like a prison for too long, but now I am finally starting to feel free.

With so much love,

A CT Flybaby

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