Pamper Mission 07/15/12

Dear Friends,

If you need a vacation, but the price of gas has you down, check out
what is available close to home. Pretend that you have out of town
guests visiting and that you want to show them your area. Where would
you take them to show them the beauty of your town? Enjoy these local
treasures yourself without waiting for an “excuse” to take advantage
of what’s in your own backyard!

We recently had the opportunity to have some old friends visit from
out of state and spent some time at our local state parks and doing a
bit of hiking and swimming near waterfalls. I cannot tell you how
refreshing it was to spend time next to the waterfalls. The beautiful
sound of the water crashing down near us, the beautiful scenery, and
the laughter of our children playing in the water soothed my soul.

Pamper yourself today! You’re so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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