Loving and Living Life!

Dear FlyLady and your helpers,

WOW !!!

Who is this beautiful, Intelligent, Creative woman who has inhabited
my body. She is a different person and I am loving getting to know her.

I was in a very low place in life last year in May. I hated my Job, My
marriage was in serious trouble, I had no time for friends & family, I
never paid bills on time, food was never cooked in my home and my home
was just a house and a disaster at that, my once beautiful garden was
so neglected. I had become over weight and frumpy. My life in every
aspect reflected how and what I was feeling.

Well one night I decided it was time to become “Perfect”. I sat down
at my computer and started Googling.What I found was my lifesaver —

To all FlyLady and friends (as well as others that send there
testimonials) I thank you for saving me from the deepest pit of my
life. I have found a woman I LOVE and SHE IS AMAZING.
Since that first encounter I have been freed in so many ways.

I started with what caused me the most stress.
With the support of my DH I changed Jobs and at my new job I have
implemented a Control Journal — It is amazing and I never miss a
deadline and am permanently at peace.

I started De-Cluttering. As I did this I started to de-clutter my mind
as well and have realized that I don’t need the “stuff” to make me
feel better about myself, I am loving myself. My house is now a home.
My marriage has been saved, I am truly a wife now, and I cook dinner
in the evenings. Pack my DH (we don’t have children) great lunches,

Have time for him and can spoil him in the small ways that make him
feel special. I have been able to make my husband my Top Priority,
which he should have been all along. Last week we started our First
Date Night with DH and myself taking turns at arranging each one. Well
it was DH turn and he loved this.

We had so much fun. I can’t thank you enough for this.

I started my Degree which I had wanted to do for ever and even though
I have moments of panic,with the help of your routines which I have
incorporated into this I am making progress. I get up early in the
mornings in order to put in some time to study. Well getting dressed
to my shoes puts me in the right frame of mind to study.

I could type pages on how you changed my life but I only have 15 Min.

Thanks to you I am doing more with my time, are less stressed and for
the first time in the last 8 Years I am loving and living life.

I love you all and so does my DH.

I have even had friends who have seen the change in me and are astounded.

Thank you once again and GOD Bless.

From a women who is learning to love herself again.
In South Africa

FlyLady here: Purple Puddles!

FLYing means finally loving yourself. You do this one BabyStep at a time.

You really have more to offer the ones you love when you are loving yourself.

You can use the power of the timer to FLY!


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