Young @ Heart : Be Happy Now

It’s time to be happy NOW, not when your circumstances are different!

When you deepen your relationship with YOU and take the time to look at yourself with new eyes and truly honor the holiness within you, your circumstances WILL change with ease and grace. Your problems are a window to the sacredness within you whether you are in a mess at home, in a relationship that’s frustrating, feeling a financial crunch, in a body that weighs too much, whatever, the very thing you call a problem is an opportunity to get to know that you are adorable and adored!

Self-improvement is a lifetime path, but it’s a pursuit that doesn’t lead to a place where everything is perfect. When you reach what you thought was your final destination, you will find that you have farther to go. Yippee skippee for that! Think about how fun it is to “want” something you “know” you will receive. When you do that you are looking forward to that thing or that circumstance. I think that’s why it’s so fun to fall in love! You want that person and you know you’re going to get him because he wants you too. Then you get him. (That’s fun too, but never as fun as the getting part.)

You love teachers that let you know in a loving way that having what you want is doable. I teach that having a home free of clutter and confusion is doable. Because I could change, so can you. You know that I was exactly where you are and I can give you hope because I know if I could do it, you can do it too. You get excited about the possibility. I can tell you, when you get organized and your home is peaceful, clutter-free and an oasis from the hectic world, it will just be a platform for you to do and be more.

“There will never be an arriving, only a continuation of the quest; so you’d better have fun on the way.” I wrote that in The Sidetracked Sister’s Happiness File more than 20 years ago. Oprah is touting a new book, “Women Food and God” by Geneen Roth. I watched the show yesterday and Oprah talked about the negative connotation of the phrase “full of yourself.” Geneen said, “Be really, really full of yourself.” That sounds awful until you think about it. “We ARE adored,” but no one ever tells us that because it’s kind of an unused word unless we are using it in a religious sense. “We ARE loved” goes right over our heads because we overuse the word “love.” “Yeah, yeah, I know I’m loved, what’s for dinner?”

I heard a speaker tell of her neighbor’s cat. They named him “Party Cat,” because whenever they had a party the cat would always come over. Well, Party Cat was at the party and was getting petted and talked to and he got in a chair and rolled over on his back and just basked in the love that was bestowed on him and someone asked the cat, “What do you do to deserve this?” Everyone laughed, because they knew that the cat deserved the love and attention by just being a cat.

We are just like Party Cat. We don’t have to do anything to deserve the love that God has for us. What we can do is start practicing basking in that love and being happy right now regardless of our situation. It’s so easy to do really. Start by catching yourself complaining or whining about something and once you’ve made the catch start thinking about all your blessings. Gratitude is like sulfuric acid when it comes to dissolving worry, anger, depression and a long list of negative words. It takes a little practice, but practice makes it easier and easier. Yes, it’s time to be happy NOW. So be it!

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