What Goes in an Office in a Bag?

Dear FlyLady,

Alright, I think I may have a silly question, but here it goes? What goes into an office in a bag? How do you set one up?

I am in the process of building my Control Journal. Step by step. But what are the steps to building an Office in a Bag?

I love the idea I’m just not sure how to pull it off. Your testimonial today helped. But I could sure use a few pointers. I’d like to get my desk in order so I am ready for end of the year Tax stuff before March/April next year. I have begun to work 15 minutes at a time on filing my piles now instead of the week before my tax appointment. Miracles never cease to happen! Thanks for all of your inspiration.

Fluttering in the Desert

Dear Fluttering in Desert,

I want you to think of the Office in a Bag as a portable desk. Imagine that you are sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for hours. What would you need if you wanted to send a card?

You would need …..

1. A greeting card
2. A pen
3. A stamp

Let say you needed to make a grocery list.

You would need ……

4. A Pencil
5. A Piece of paper or a notepad

Let’s say you want to pay some bills.

You would need……

6. Your bills
7. More stamps
8. Envelopes
9. A small calculator
10. Your checkbook

Let’s say you want to draw a scale drawing of your living room to play with rearranging your furniture.

You might need……..

11. A little ruler
12. Some Graph Paper
13. Some colored pencils or markers

Here are a few more things you might need.

14. A small stapler
15. A few rubber bands
16. A few paper clips
17. A Birthday card
18. Some Thank You Notes
19. Pretty stationery
20. Your address book
21. Some people keep their Control Journal in it.

See it is not that hard to think of the things you may need. It is an office in a bag or your Desk drawer in a bag.


Keep it to a minimum because we can get too much in them before we know it.


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