Clutter is Stealing our Life

Dear Friends,

Clutter has a way of creeping into our homes when we least expect it. We are notorious for holding on to things that we might need one day. As a result of this hoarding, our homes become garages for holding on to these mundane things.

I grew up in a house that was wall to wall furniture. Our mother never got rid of anything. There was not an open area against a wall in our home. I always felt claustrophobic. Our clutter has a way of closing in on us and taking over our homes. Just think about the cubic feet of space your clutter is absorbing in your home.

One time we got a testimonial from one of our members who had been living in an 800 square foot home. She felt suffocated. When she got rid of her clutter, their family found room to live even in a small home. They didn’t have to move into a larger place just so they would have a place for all their stuff.

What do we do with all of our clutter? It takes over our home and when that gets full we start filling up the garage, basement, attic and then the outside storage building. Now people are renting storage units for their overflow clutter. Not only is our clutter stealing our precious living space; it is taking our hard earned money and throwing into the bottomless pit that is clutter’s insatiable appetite.

We can’t get enough! We shop till we drop. We go to countless yard sales and actually bring home other people’s clutter or you do like Robert and I did; we went to estate auctions and bought truckloads of clutter. We did this after we had put together to houses of clutter when we married. Many of us do the same thing when a loved one dies; we incorporate all of their stuff into our already clutter home. How do we expect to breath? Homes are not built for this.

One time I visited a lady in our community. She was very old and had saved tons of magazines and newspapers. They were upstairs in her old home. She was complaining about a road next to her home that was causing her house to creak and her walls to crack. I had gone with one of my fellow commissioners who is an engineer. When we walked upstairs he could not believe the damage that the weight all of those newspapers and magazines had caused. He felt that the floor joists were not built for this kind of weight.

Don’t allow your clutter to steal your life and your home.

Are you ready to FLY without all that clutter weighing you down?


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