Pamper Mission 08/05/12

Dear Friends,

After we find a routine for our hair, it’s easy to fall into the habit
of using the exact same products week after week. This can cause a
buildup of product residue on our hair.

This week, let’s use an apple cider vinegar rinse on our hair to
remove product residue and also add more shine to our hair. After
shampooing, put a couple of big splashes of apple cider vinegar in a
large cup and finish filling the cup with water, then pour over your
hair. Rinse out. You can follow up with conditioner if you wish.

Occasional use of this rinse makes my hair look great and feel so
soft. I hope that your hair will also benefit from this quick,
inexpensive and natural beauty treatment.

Pamper yourself! You’re so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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