Dear House Fairy

Dear House Fairy,

I used to be so grouchy when I tripped over things in my daughter’s room, and she felt so ashamed. I would tell her to clean her room, but it was such a mess and she didn’t know how to even begin! You helped her out immensely. Her room has been neat for weeks, and I am so proud of her. What’s more, she’s so proud of herself!


House Fairy here:

Ramona, I just loved your email! There is nothing better than to see a child proud of herself! Your daughter is well on her way to great habits that will serve her all of her life. I am sure you will continue to be a great example to her too.

Jiminy Cricket said to Pinocchio, “Let your conscience be your guide.” In the dictionary conscience is defined as: the sense of the moral goodness of one’s own conduct, together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good.” Whew!! I didn’t know it meant all that! All I know is when I was about four-years-old I just always pretended my mom was looking and knew what I was doing and it made me want to do the right thing. I was still pretending that in high school. It sure kept me out of trouble.

If we can teach our kids to feel obligated to do right or good we will be raising a future generation of great people. When Pinocchio’s guardian angel gave Jiminy Cricket the role of being Pinocchio’s conscience we all got to see that conscience has to come from within. Jiminy couldn’t keep up with Pinocchio from the outside. As the House Fairy I get children to imagine me being around and inspecting their good deeds. When children use their fertile imaginations they are calling on a spiritual gift God gave us all and that gift miraculously turns mundane chores into exciting pleasure. Hey, and believe it or not it works for adults too!


House Fairy

To learn more about the House Fairy Program and sign up to have her inspect your child’s room (wink)

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