Teach Them Well

Dear Friends,

It is that time of year again! Some of you have already packed your kids off to school in the past month and the rest of you are gearing up for the big day. This time of year for parents and children is full of excitement, joy, fear and some times dread. As parents we have to pay attention to what is important to our children. It is not just about the first day, it is about every new day that we are blessed with. We place so much emphasis on getting ready for the first day of school, the shopping for clothes and school supplies. Talking about the new teacher, lunch time, bus schedules and all the details to help our children get comfortable and to be ready. All of this is important and so is every single day after that. I am not trying to revive an 80’s pop song here but… I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…… this message is all about what is important – teach them well and let them lead the way. What does teaching them well mean? It begins with you first! You have to love yourself first and teach your children by example. You can’t be the best mom on the block if you put yourself last. Teaching your children to love themselves, to treat themselves with respect, to carry themselves with respect has to come from someone that walks the walk not from someone that is just talking the talk.

Teach them well, teach them about BabySteps – teach them how to take a homework assignment that seems too hard, too long and too overwhelming into small manageable steps the way you do to declutter or bless your home. Help them to establish routines for getting ready in the morning, homework and a before bed routine. They don’t have to be long and complicated. Simple but yet effective routines to help them FLY.

Here are three things that will help you and you children FLY through each and every important day!

1. Get ready for tomorrow- this would be a before bed routine, remember that before bed does not necessarily mean right before you get into bed, but anytime from when you get home to right before you go to bed. Getting ready for tomorrow includes laying out clothes for the morning, putting backpacks, jackets and shoes in the same place every night so they are easily found and ready to go in the morning.

2. Going to bed – children need good sleep just as we all do. Establish a set time for when the kids need to be in bed. Make sure that it is reasonable for each individual child. My son is 17 months younger than my daughter but he is allowed to stay up a little later than her because he gets up in the morning much easier than she does. It is very important to teach our children good sleeping habits as early as we possibly can.

3. Morning routine – this should be a breeze if you have gotten into the habit of a before bed routine and going to bed at a reasonable time! The key to a smooth morning is how you handle the night before!

These three things will make a huge difference in every single day, not just the school days. Please remember that your children need the excitement and attention that you give to them on the first day of school on the regular days too! We are teaching them to FLY!!



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