Why I Juice

Dear Friends,

This might sound a little strange to say, but one of the things in my life that I’ve become grateful for is living with an autoimmune disease. I have Hashimoto’s which affects the thyroid and it is a disease, in which there is no cure.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s no picnic to live with this. But I’m also reminded by my friend Terry Wahls, MD who has secondary progressive MS, that my autoimmune disease, compared to hers, is a cake walk. (If you haven’t seen Dr. Wahls TED talk, it’s well worth the 17 minutes! Dr. Wahls is healing herself through food!)
My reasoning for my gratitude for this disease is that it’s made me a vigilant researcher, looking for answers to help others (like me) who are struggling with health issues as well. I believe the answers to our problems so often, lie in our food choices and what we give our bodies to use as fuel. I also understand how chronic suffering, pain and fatigue can be debilitating. My compassion has grown and my determination to help find answers is almost obsessive.

Rosacea (common in folks with Hashimoto’s) hit me (literally) between the eyes in April of 2010. I was sitting in a hot tub, enjoying the mountain air and I started to get this burning sensation between my eyes that itched like crazy. I rubbed it some and once out of the hot tub, saw a big red crusty patch between my eyes that hurt and itched from the inside out. I was miserable and a mess!

The rosacea progressively got worse? I put everything on it (including a cream for yeast infections!), I went to the dermatologist and did a round of antibiotics (under duress), did the Metrogel on my face, did the IPL (intense pulse light) treatments and while all of those treatments helped, none of them cleared it up all the way.

I did an elimination diet? Removed the dairy (I was already gluten free because of the Hashi’s), went totally paleo, drank apple cider vinegar and water, did clay masks, changed my skincare routine about 20 times and prayed that my skin would heal and this crazy making madness would stop!

One day this summer, I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (online). I think you can find it free, but I watched it on Hulu. I was floored by the affect juicing had on Joe Cross (the guy who made the film) and Phil Staples, the morbidly obese truck driver Joe met on the road and convinced to juice. Long story short, both men had a skin disorder for which there was no cure and they ended up BOTH being healed (and both lost a tremendous amount of weight).
If juicing can cure this difficult skin disease I thought, imagine what it could for rosacea? So with no juicer in my house, I started some hardcore green smoothies. That was interesting (but helpful). Then I got my juicer and started juicing. Within days, my skin begins to clear. I am in love with juicing, I can feel it working in me (dare I say it?) right down to the cellular level. I don’t know if that is accurate or not (and I’m sure I’ll get email letting me know!) but it’s like my cells welcome the nutrients when I juice first thing in the morning. I can feel it and it rewards me back with clear skin.

Two months later and a whole lot of juicing later, I’m at a friend’s house who asked me if I had “work” done on my face! LOL!! There was no “work” done on the outside, the work was ALL on the inside and it was the work of the juice!

I’m doing a webinar this Monday night about juicing because I think it’s something everyone should know about and at least try! Drew Canole is my expert and we will be giving away TWO Jay Kordich juicers during the webinar! These juicers are top notch and worth over $400 each. You just need to be there to get the juicer (even if you can’t make it, you can sign up to get the webinar replay). http://savingdinner.com/juicing

That’s my juicing story. I hope it’s compelling enough for you to think what juicing could do for you or for your health issue that you’re struggling with. It’s an amazing thing and something I will do for life!

Leanne Ely, Your Dinner Diva since 2001

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