by: Susan Lamonica

Dear Marla,

How could I work so hard and yet still be embarrassed to open the door? Until Flylady, I lacked basic routines and cleaned in a haphazard way that worsened the chaos. For example, I’d wake up and decide to defrost the freezer. Because the dishes were not done I had no empty counter or sink space. Frozen food had to be piled on the floor. It made wet puddles. I tripped over packages of food and slipped in melting ice particles. After finishing the freezer, I would be too tired to deal with the dirty dishes. Now the doorbell rings. What am I supposed to say – sorry about the yucky dirty dishes but if you’ll just step over these wet towels I’d love to show you the inside of my freezer!

Once I started the Flylady routines, I never again had that “futile” feeling after I cleaned. The routines give me a stable platform for the more “complicated” projects. Do the routines. Do the house blessing. Start with step 1. Do not jump to step 39. Someone stopping in unexpectedly for a minute doesn’t require a clean freezer….but it would be nice if the counters were clean and if they didn’t have to walk around a clump of wet towels.


Balancing a large chunk of freezer ice on top of a pile of dirty dishes? Difficult. Messy. Dumping it into a clean, empty sink? Easy. Simple. Flylady routines brought me from disorder to order to peace.

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