Pamper Mission 09/09/12

Dear Friends,

Music is so beautiful, pampering, and powerful. Yesterday was a very big day for a charity I volunteer for and my usual shift turned into a full 8 hour shift. In the morning I had a lot of correspondence, phone answering, and filing to do and it was all so enjoyable because I remembered to bring along some inspirational CDs from home.

In the afternoon, I had more filing and dozens upon dozens of cookies to bake. One of the other ladies popped in her CD of peppy dance music from the 70s, cranked it up loud, and we all had a blast bopping around, baking and packaging cookies. What could have been the final hours of a long hard back breaking day was actually our own little party.

The crowning joy of the day was attending a concert benefiting one of our “sister” charities. Lee Greenwood did a outstanding job with the concert and ALL money taken in for the event was given to the charity. We all left the concert with a smile on our face and ready to face another long day of preparation for and participation in an all night
walkathon. I’m sure music will play a very big part of keeping up the excitement of that event as well.

This week, make an effort to have your favorite tunes with you as you go about your everyday activities. They really do lighten the load and your spirit. Do you have the opportunity to attend a musical event? Take advantage of it! You will feel wonderful afterwards! Music is a wonderful tool to have in your pampering toolbox. Make
plans to use this tool and you won’t regret it!

Take time for you! You’re so worth it!


FlyLady Dana

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