The Mouth Trap – Happy and Healthy

Dear Pam,

I love your videos on the Make it Fun website and I especially love the SHEs in the kitchen cooking videos every Monday (I think). I have been following a low carb diet for about five months and I feel so good physically and mentally. I don’t know what’s happened, but I am much more easy-going, maybe because I’m hardly ever hungry and I used to get very short tempered before.

Thank you for sharing your fun in your kitchen with me. I look forward to the delicious recipes you make and I’ve been actually making most of them in my own kitchen. My family especially loves Kale Caesar, and the delicious chicken recipes. Because of your videos I’m marinating all my meats for at least 24 hours! What a difference in taste that makes! I appreciate the free videos and I’m curious how you can do that with no advertising on your website to compensate you for your work. All I can say is THANK YOU!

I purchased the Mouth Trap low carb version book and it has been helpful getting me to realize this new way I’m eating is a lifestyle, not a fad diet. You are my inspiration to make it a lifestyle. You look so healthy and happy.

Thank you,
Theresa in CA

Pam here: I am so blessed to have a “free” husband whose occupation is videographer. We have so much fun shooting these videos and I’m just a born experimenter. I love to play in the kitchen probably because my mom let me play in her kitchen since I was nine.

Terry and I have been on a high fat, restricted carbohydrate lifestyle for over a year and a half and I have to agree with Theresa in California, we are happier! Diet really does have an effect on us mentally and that’s because the brain needs fat in order to work properly and when we reduce fat (because we’ve been told to by our medical “experts,”) we starve our brains.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and have been told to reduce your carbohydrate intake, I hope you don’t miss a single video we’ve made for you. All my recipes are low-carb and if you want the recipes, there is a Recipe tab on my home page. The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! (low carb edition) is now available as a book, E-book and audio book. It’s also available on Amazon.

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